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  1. godo Public

    DigitalOcean Go API client

    Go 1.2k 262

  2. doctl Public

    The official command line interface for the DigitalOcean API.

    Go 2.9k 311

  3. go-qemu Public

    Go packages to interact with QEMU using the QEMU Machine Protocol (QMP). Apache 2.0 Licensed.

    Go 528 70

  4. Package libvirt provides a pure Go interface for interacting with Libvirt. Apache 2.0 Licensed.

    Go 641 94

  5. Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for DigitalOcean (beta)

    Go 451 111

  6. ⚙️ NGINX config generator on steroids 💉

    JavaScript 15.2k 1.1k