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Build a web game this April!

Game Bytes

Gamedev.js Jam returns this April challenging web developers to build a game based on a theme. Join in to have fun and/or win prizes.

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Nim is a statically typed, compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language.

App recommended by GitHub

PR Chat

Smarter notifications

Say goodbye to notification fatigue. PR Chat creates a single Slack message for every PR. Any changes to the PR instantly and silently update the Slack message

Full fidelity

Your PR looks the same as it does on Github. All formatting is preserved including text formatting, images and even code diffs.

Organized PR conversations

Use Slack to power your PR discussions. Conversations in the Slack message's thread are two way synced with Github comments.

App recommended by GitHub


Hound reviews your code then comments directly in Pull Requests, helping your team maintain consistent coding style and high code quality.