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zyupo commented May 12, 2020

Spug运维平台在过去的公司里稳定运行6年以上,开源的大部分代码也是基于稳定版本之上,为了增加更多用户在企业使用的信心,如您愿意,请将您在企业中使用Spug的案例展示给我们,请在该issue页面提供您的使用案例,提交格式:企业名称 + 公司官网地址。官网地址为可选项,您可以直接提供企业名称即可。




good first issue
knkski commented Apr 25, 2022

I had a MicroK8s instance that was running some services on port 80. After running sudo snap remove microk8s --purge to remove it, I was unable to have anything else running on port 80. As an example, I would run this:

$ sudo python -m http.server 80
Serving HTTP on port 80 ( ...

Which would result in this:

curl -v http://localhost:80/
*   Try
bug enhancement help wanted good first issue
anrajme commented Mar 9, 2022


While using the action runner type "local-shell-script", the action always try to set execute permission for the action script before the execution.

For example, action runner logs for the core.sendmail action

2022-03-09 07:02:06,866 INFO [-] Executing action via LocalRunner: dcc6c28d-5674-4cc2-9174-ca6c1e7b23a3
2022-03-09 07:02:06,866 INFO [-] [Action info] name: sendm
ankitm123 commented Jan 5, 2022

Not sure what the error is, but lint passes in the CI and locally even if exported structs dont have comments.
Most probably, it's an issue with the golangci yaml config we use.

Also we use revive instead of golint (which is deprecated), may be some setting in revive needs to be enabled?

If we check the goreport card, we can see the issues:

help wanted good first issue area/quality
jamsman94 commented May 7, 2022

Is your enhancement proposal related to a problem? Please describe.
For now, there are no connectivity test for jira integration. This will cause problem if the user is integrating with the wrong credential.

Describe the solution you'd like
Add a connectivity test API for jira integration which will take the integration info as input and returns if the API call to jira can be made suc

enhancement good first issue
anatolystansler commented Mar 22, 2022

Hi! We are working on improving access control for the Database Lab Engine.

The primary focus is LDAP, Active Directory, SSO support for clones and UI/CLI connections, granular control over user permissions.

See more details and comments on GitLab issue #315.

Your contributions are very welcome to support our open-source prod

good first issue help wanted
toast-gear commented Apr 14, 2022

We reference the packer templates directly in this repository so we don't need to maintain our own and keep them in sync with changes that happen here. At the moment you can bolt on additional shell commands via which is great. I would like the ability to also optionally pr

enhancement good first issue help wanted
narenaryan commented Sep 9, 2021


We are using terraform-aws-gitlab-runnner to spin up GitLab runners on our AWS account. As part of security auditing, there was a severe alert raised on this policy created by terraform module:

The problem lies with permitting IamPassrole action on all resources. As per

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