Developing for Developers — Path to Fame, Money, and Happiness

I recently spoke at the DigitalOcean deploy conference on the topic of building developer focused businesses.

Here is a recording of the video:

Here is the slide deck:

My main arguments were as follows:

  • More people are learning development skills than ever before
  • Multiple Developer platforms are enabling millions of apps every year. These apps need new services and capabilities.
  • There is room to serve underserved audience and simplify targeted “tasks” for all these apps because big players are busy solving problems for enterprise IT.
  • Developer focused businesses are finding a new wind
  • As developers we solve developer problems on a daily basis. Every problem we face ourselves is likely being faced by hundreds of other developers.

Hopefully this inspires more people to build things that not only help other developers but help themselves start new businesses.




Product Marketing Leader

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Raman Sharma

Raman Sharma

Product Marketing Leader

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