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    If my domain is being managed by Cloudflare, is it safe to delete the domain (along with its DNS records) from DO?

    My domain registrar is DreamHost. I originally had DO manage it, and then I let Cloudflare take over. Does this mean I can safely remove the domain from DO?
    0 By keebs82 DNS
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    Collecting static files on app platform for Django app using database env var

    I'm trying to deploy a Django application using a Digital Ocean Postgres database and Redis instance on App Platform. Here is my App Spec: alerts: - rule: DEPLOYMENT_FAILED - rule: DOMAIN_FAILED databases: - cluster_...
    0 By tomahony DigitalOcean App Platform Django
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    Upload dataset dynamically and create style

    How can I upload the dataset in the backend by using code(not using Mapbox studio)? Is there any way to dynamically upload the dataset and create a style using a bunch of code?
    0 By DishaCoder JavaScript Python Django
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    Deployment issue

    So I'm new to digital oceans and I was trying to deploy my first website here, but I keep getting this error once the build is complete Unable to detect a run command. This environment likely requires a custom run co...
    0 By gretaendrizzi Node.js Deployment
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    Bigbluebutton Flash plyer

    Hi, I have installed the bigbluebutton from the Marketplace and follwed the instructions to install the certificate (SSL). I have successfully installed the certificate. However, when I tried to create a meeting in ...
    0 By subbivenki56 DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    Crashing Ghost Blog on 1GB Basic Droplet

    Hi guys, My new Ghost Blog is running on a 1GB Droplet and it crashed quite a lot of times when I was updating a post this evening. Here is the error log, could anyone explain me what's going on? Also, the RA...
    0 By aruns Ghost Ubuntu
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    jwt token not working in digitalocean droplet after snapshot

    Hi, we have developed a wep app with codeigniter 4 with API using JWT access token, this app works well in our VPS out of digital ocean but in our droplet always return "error": "Missing or invalid jwt access token."....
    0 By alexisacm72 Development
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    Docker registry URLs

    The doctl compute image create command requires an --image-url, but I can't find what that URL looks like. If my registry is named RRR and my image name is going to be NNN, what would the URL be? The documentation for...
    0 By fluffmail Docker
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    Imagick installed ok but not shown on phpinfo()

    Hi, I work on my droplet with Ubuntu 20.04 with Cyberpanel. I installed via console succesfully Imagick and the php extension but after a few restart I cannot see it on phpinfo(). What can be wrong? I looked everywher...
    1 By guillermodelicia PHP Apache Ubuntu 20.04 DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Digtial Ocean 1 Click WordPress Install - Multiple Sites

    Hey there, Was wondering if it were at all possible to use the Digital Ocean 1 Click WordPress App ( to create a droplet that has more than one WordPress installatio...
    2 By jplafata DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace WordPress
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    How to set forwarding rules through annotations?

    The forwarding rules in the load balancer for kubernetes keep on randomly changing when set through console. What annotations should I add for HTTP2 on port 443 HTTP2 on port 32545 forwarding rule so that it does no...
    0 By bishaldeb656 Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers Load Balancing
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    Django / App Platform / Trusted Source

    Hey Everyone, I have deployed my Django application to app platform ( using GITHub). One of my app/url accepts POST request. When I am try to make the post request from external site ( for example: jsfiddle for now si...
    1 By Peacebomb Django
  • Question

    How to solve "unauthorized" error with Certbot

    My site was running correctly for a few months and when I tried to renew my SSL certificate through certbot I am getting this error. Droplet: Litespeed Domain from: Cloudflare Domain: Error: https://...
    1 By sushpawar2500 Let's Encrypt DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How to make Dedicated CPUs yield consistent run time?

    Hi, I'm running an online judge on the CPU-optimized server. I have 4 judges, each judge is running with 2 different vCPUs (I assign the CPUs via Docker (
    0 By leduykhongngu DigitalOcean
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    My build is continuing to fail. Seems I am missing something

    This is the build log. This is the Repository I am trying to build:( [dfunds] [2022-01-21 06:09:38] => Initializing build [dfunds] [2022-01-21 06:09:38] => Retrieving source code to...
    0 By bhavyagada766 React Deployment Building on DigitalOcean Node.js
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    Django 3.2 LTS ALLOWED_HOSTS

    Hi, I am a novice. I have installed django from the 1 click marketplace. I am getting the response from the ip url. Have added domain name and no problem ssh to the server. I have edited the settings and added the dom...
    0 By devrroslan Django DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace
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    How To Use In App Platform With Multiple Containers

    It is my understanding that I must enable sticky sessions in order for to work in a multiple server/node (scaled) setup. Is this done by default in App Platform? If not, how might I go about including an Apa...
    0 By jajinkus DigitalOcean App Platform
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    vpn to all droplets

    Hello, I am starting to move all my on Prem VM's to DO. I would like to setup a VPN connection between my office and DO. I dont want my droplets to have public IP's I am looking for a way to have my droplets have pr...
    1 By mrjoli021 VPN DigitalOcean Droplets
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    What request headers are included in App Platform?

    I couldn't find any documentation on this. Cloudflare supports it and DigitalOcean is backed by Cloudflare - so do we ge...
    0 By overload DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Hugo Extended for Apps

    I've an existing Hugo-based Apps deployment. Today I created another (using Ananke) but the deployment fails: console Error: Error building site: TOCSS: failed to transform "ananke/css/main.css" (text/css). Check your...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, thanks for using DigitalOcean App Platform. You should be able to use Hugo Extended by setting HUGO_EXTENDED build environment variable to 1 in your application. Hope this helps.
    1 By dazwilkin DigitalOcean App Platform