The Domain Name System is a decentralized naming system that translates memorable and accessible domain names to numerical IP addresses within underlying network protocols. Users can establish greater control over hosted domains by managing their DNS servers, opting for caching servers, forwarding servers, authoritative-only servers, or a combination of different types.

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      How to update outgoing DNS settings DO K8S

      I have a service A inside a Digital Ocean managed kubernetes cluster that makes HTTP requests to another service B (in the same cluster), using the publicly available hostname. Recently we changed the IP address of th...
      No answers yet5 days agoBy Kwinten De BackerDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesDNS
    • Question

      Use a domain across multiple projects

      I have several projects configured in DO, each representing an environment of my app (dev, staging, prod). I have one domain. I would like to set up DNS so that subdomains point at different environments (dev.mydomain...
      2 answers6 days agoBy proconnect.appDNS
    • Question

      DNS server from Digital Ocean not always reachable resulting in getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution

      I have a standard droplet (Ubuntu 20.04) and a managed MySQL 8 database. Both are in the same VPC. On the droplet an application is connecting to the database via the hostname suitable to be used within the VPC:privat...
      No answers yet8 days agoBy Chris SeegersDigitalOcean Managed MySQL DatabaseDNSUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      If two DigitalOcean accounts have the same domain setup but with different DNS settings, how does DigitalOcean know which account to use?

      I work for a company that manages about 10 other companies, one of those companies has decided to get their own development team so we are working on moving their resources to their own DigitalOcean account. Eventuall...
      1 answer8 days agoBy Kevin CorriganDigitalOceanDigitalOcean AccountsDNSNeeds Product Answer
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      Cant seem to get the DNS setup correct for CDN.

      Hello, so I tried to point my domain nameserver to digitalocean of use to activate the CDN. As I do i get an error Failed to validate nameserver records: no NS records found for lanlander.se domain. I can see that the...
      1 answer18 days agoBy AnlanderCDNDNS
    • Question

      Fully Qualified Domain Name

      Number one, what is a Fully Qualified Domain Name? Secondly, how do I check to see if it is set up (what command line do I enter)? Thirdly, if it is not set up, then, how do I go about setting it up?
      1 answer20 days agoBy aecsp2000DNS
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      E-mail in Cpanel is not working but site is on Digital Ocean

      Hi guys, so as I set up probably stupid question about my problem but if you can help me I’m going to be grateful. So I created droplets on the digital ocean and set up my domain NS(1,2,3) record to DigitalOcean my we...
      2 answers26 days agoBy Marin IvandicDigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsDNSEmail
    • Question

      DNS record does not propagate

      In the past I have created a droplet with a LAMP stack and successfully configured the let’s encrypt certificate using the domain name ‘stage.osn.hepabolu.nl ’. Today I deleted the droplet and started over. There is a...
      Accepted Answer: Hello there, Looking at the main domain - hepabolu.nl it is using external nameservers meaning the active DNS zone for this domain name is not controlled by your DigitalOcean account but by a third-party provider. You...
      1 answer28 days agoBy hepaboluDNS
    • Question

      "domain already exist" problem

      I purchased the domain from namecheap.and I tried to add domain into my droplet.but when I click add domain button, I can see "domain already exists " alert.so I logged in namecheap and added digitalocean nameservers ...
      3 answers29 days agoBy fredrick jamesonDigitalOceanDNSWrite for DO
    • Api Wrapper

      Linux Digital Ocean Dynamic DNS Script and Systemd Service

      Linux Digital Ocean Dynamic DNS Script and Systemd Service
      1 month agoBy KevinDNS
    • Question

      How to 301 redirect? (cloudflare)

      I’ve my website and dns on digitalocean. I want to 301 redirect non-www urls to www urls. Currently I found answers for apache server, but not for cloudflare. Does anyone know how to do it? I don’t want to change name...
      2 answers1 month agoBy NitinDigitalOcean App PlatformDNS
    • Question

      dnssec zone available (ds)?

      hello support team, when will the function dnssec resp. ds entries in the dns zone possible?
      2 answers1 month agoBy Igi VuillemierDNS
    • Question

      setup PTR for multiple hostname

      Dear Support i have two dns hostname on 1 vm droplet, the primary one have setting PRT base on hostname droplet and second one is not setup yet, do i setting PTR for secondary hostname ? Thank You
      2 answers1 month agoBy CuteDarkBlueLobsterDNS
    • Question

      Point to a specific page if url can't be found on digital ocean (vanity) name server

      Hi all, I’m using ns1.myvanityserver.com etc that point to the name servers form digital ocean. Would there be any way that when a domain can’t be resolved, the name server points to a specific url? Background: I use ...
      1 answer1 month agoBy DaanDNS
    • Question

      How to set up DNS on Digital Ocean so that I can use ns1.digitalocean.com for a '.de' domain?

      The GoDaddy techs claim your octets are bad. Obviously they have not been much help.So, is there a required setup I need on the DNS servers before sites like GoDaddy are able to set your nameservers as my DNS manager?...
      2 answers1 month agoBy timd49e91b7dd017638ec5270fDNS
    • Question

      Site can't be reached - Cloudflare DNS for subdomain

      I switched my DNS to Cloudflare. I noticed one of my subdomain sites is not working. When I did a DNS lookup, I see: IP blocked by dnsbl.spfbl.net All of my other sites are using the same droplet, and they are working.
      2 answers1 month agoBy LeoraDNS
    • Question

      How to get old domain back ?

      I had a godaddy domain linked with my digitalocean account. My resources got deleted because of payment problem. Now i want to create the same domain but it gives me an error ‘domain name already exists’, but there ar...
      2 answers2 months agoBy hmathar1DNSNetworking
    • Question

      New droplets always give timeout

      Hello everyoneas the title says, i can not connect to any droplet, i tried directly withssh [email protected] and i tried with puttyand i tried with winscpi tried creating droplets with password or with ssh keys, but no differe...
      3 answers2 months agoBy Motasem ZakarnehDeploymentDigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsDNSUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      DNS forwarding to loadbalancer not working

      I have created a DNS and forwarded it to LoadBalancer. I am able to access the application from the loadbalancer IP address, but when i try with DNS name getting the following error. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
      2 answers2 months agoBy MassiveBlueCoralDigitalOcean Managed Load BalancersDNS
    • Question

      Move DNS between Teams

      Hi, I have ported a DNS to DigitalOcean, now I should move it to a separated team. How can I do it?Thank you
      3 answers2 months agoBy SimtechDNSTeam Management