Redis is a scalable in-memory key-value store that excels at caching.

featured tutorialHow To Install and Secure Redis on Ubuntu 20.04
Redis is an in-memory key-value store known for its flexibility, performance, and wide language support. This tutoria...

Mark Drake • Published on May 1, 2020 · Updated on May 1, 2020

featured tutorialHow To Manage a Redis Database eBook
This book aims to provide an approachable introduction to Redis concepts by outlining many of the key-value store’s c...

Mark Drake • Published on July 17, 2020 · Updated on July 17, 2020

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    • Question

      we are facing redis connection lost after sometimehow to reolved these?? we are facing redis connection lost after sometime. redis connection lost is getting by some users or some or not.soo how to troubl...
      No answers yet14 days agoBy systemadminShrimpDigitalOcean Managed RedisRedis
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Secure Redis on Ubuntu 22.04

      Redis is an in-memory key-value store known for its flexibility, performance, and wide language support. This tutorial demonstrates how to install, configure, and secure Redis on an Ubuntu 22.04 server.
      2 months agoBy Mark DrakeDatabasesSecurityUbuntuNoSQLRedisUbuntu 22.04
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      ServerAvatar is a web app that enables use to host PHP and WordPress sites on Digitalocean Droplets.
      2 months agoBy Adarsh SojitraApacheControl PanelsNginxOpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-ClickPHPPHP FrameworksRedisUbuntuWordPress
    • Tutorial

      How To Analyze Managed Redis Database Statistics Using the Elastic Stack on Ubuntu 18.04

      Database monitoring is the continuous process of systematically tracking various metrics that show how the database is performing. In this tutorial, you’ll import database metrics, generated by the Redis INFO command,...
      3 months agoBy SavicDatabasesUbuntuElasticsearchRedisMonitoring
    • Question

      redis-cluster-status command showing node as stopped after enabling authentication

      I have enabled authentication in redis cluster following url After enabling the authentication when I check redis-check ...
      No answers yet5 months agoBy [email protected]ClusteringRedisSecurity
    • Question

      Can't connect Red UI to Digital Ocean Redis

      I created a Redis instance on my Digital Ocean account, but I’m not able to access it using the given credentials. I also added my IP to the allowed list but nothing works. PS: I would like to add an image but it is n...
      No answers yet5 months agoBy brunononatoquaresmaRedisDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Question

      How to create celery worker on App Platform

      I am trying to add celery + redis to my django app that is hosted on DO App Platform. I understand there is an issue I need to work around that is documented here:
      1 answer6 months agoBy issacsDjangoRedisDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Tutorial

      How to Set Up a Website Hit Counter With Redis and PHP on Ubuntu 20.04

      A hit counter is an application that records and indicates the number of visits your web page has received. The counter starts from 1 and is incremented once every time a web page is visited. To keep track of the visi...
      6 months agoBy FRANCIS NDUNGUDatabasesUbuntuRedisPHPUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      Starting Budget for Django Python Project

      Hi, Everyone What will be the Starting budget for the Following Django Python Project ? My site will do the following things: I have around 1000 plus images (not all will be called from the database) Database Used is ...
      2 answers6 months agoBy firozh98PythonDjangoRedisPostgreSQL
    • Question

      MySQL vs redis for wordpress website

      If you have a choice to select and you only have 15 dollars then what would you go for my SQL or redis manage digital ocean server. Assuming i have droplet with all things installed and i am migrating to respective se...
      2 answers7 months agoBy cloudcreatrRedisMySQL
    • Question

      Idle Redis connection reconnects every five minutes

      I’m using a Digital Ocean managed Redis database for a job queue. When the queue isn’t processing a job, I get consistent reconnect event logs every five minutes. There’s nothing that I see in my code that disconnects...
      1 answer7 months agoBy jmp12DigitalOcean Managed RedisRedisDatabasesNetworking
    • Question

      Does the Redis Service have a network limit/throughput in Digital Ocean?

      The Redis service in AWS (elasticache) has a network/throughput limit based on the instance size. I’m wondering if Digital Ocean’s Redis has this limitation? As I’m looking to switch it over here. Thanks!
      Accepted Answer: DigitalOcean Support got back to me and said <^>Hi there, Thanks for contacting DigitalOcean Support! I understand you have questions regarding Redis managed database. There are no limitations in network/bandwidth wit...
      1 answer7 months agoBy xLesterGGDigitalOcean Managed RedisRedis
    • Question

      Redis gives ECONNREFUSED halfway through an API call

      Hi! I’m working with an API and I send out 10 requests each a few seconds, then pulls the responses, merges the JSON, then sends it to the redis client. halfway through the API calls redis gives the following error Er...
      1 answer8 months agoBy iforgottonamethisRedisNode.js
    • Question

      How can I add Redis as a component to my app in App Platform?

      Hello! I would like to add managed Redis just as I can create a PostgreSQL database which is then updated to managed and immediately remains in my application components. Is it possible to do this? How could it be don...
      Accepted Answer: Hi @brunoMorel , To Add Redis managed database as a component to App platform, you need to first create a Managed Redis database using the link below:
      1 answer8 months agoBy brunoMorelRedisDigitalOcean Managed RedisDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Question

      I can't run "npm run build"

      Hi there, I have a very simple React app hosted in a droplet with these properties: 1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / NYC1 - Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64 I’m trying to run a simple “npm run build” and it takes a lot of time, and I...
      1 answer9 months agoBy sergiogregoruttiReactNginxNode.jsRedis
    • Question

      DO Apps and Laravel 8 with PHP Redis and TLS

      I’m trying to deploy my application on the apps platform using Laravel 8. I have a managed redis database provisioned and I can attempt to connect to it from the laravel application, but it always produces the error t...
      1 answer9 months agoBy raulSquidPHPLaravelRedis
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Secure Redis on Ubuntu 18.04

      Redis is an in-memory key-value store known for its flexibility, performance, and wide language support. This tutorial demonstrates how to install and configure Redis on an Ubuntu 18.04 server.
      9 months agoBy Mark Drake, Justin EllingwoodUbuntuRedisNoSQLUbuntu 18.04
    • Question

      How to reduce the server response time on my WordPress blog.

      Hello, I am using wordpress on my blog wpseohosts on a $6/month plan. The configuration I used my server is as follows: ubuntu + apache Server + PHP 7 PHP-FPM + WP Rocket (For Caching and minify HTML, JS, and CSS). St...
      1 answer9 months agoBy vijaymalviya8NginxCentOSPHPServer OptimizationWordPressRedis
    • Tutorial

      How To Connect to a Managed Database on Ubuntu 18.04

      If you’re new to working with managed databases, the best way to perform certain tasks, like connecting to the database, may not be self-evident. In this guide, we will go over how to install client programs for a var...
      12 months agoBy Mark DrakeDatabasesMySQLPostgreSQLRedisUbuntu 18.04
    • Question

      Unable to mount persistent volumes despite persistent volume claim and storage class

      Hi, My Kubernetes operators are unable to spin up any Pods because they are not able to mount persistent volumes (Block storage from Digital Ocean) and Pods remain in PENDING condition forever. I am simply following t...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy abhinavkulkarniKubernetesRedis