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    Automating GitOps and Continuous Delivery With DigitalOcean Kubernetes

    Set up a production-ready, GitOps-enabled Kubernetes cluster in any cloud, with fully-configured ingress, logging, monitoring, alerting, and backup systems.
    By Kim Schlesinger Tech Talks Kubernetes
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    Learn to Load Balance Your High Traffic Sites

    Is your app highly available? Do you know what happens to your site when your server goes down? Learn how load balancers can provide peace of mind and stability to your infrastructure.
    By Mason Egger Tech Talks Load Balancing
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    Kubernetes Data Protection and Recovery Made Easy

    Protect or migrate your Kubernetes container environments across any public or hybrid cloud environment with a 1-Click install of TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK). Backup your entire application, including data, metad...
    By Ben Morrison and Kim Schlesinger Tech Talks DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
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    Build an API With Strapi

    Ever needed to build an API in 10 minutes? Strapi can get the job done. See how fast we can build one in this demo.
    By Chris Sev Strapi Tech Talks
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    Build an App With Laravel in 1 Hour

    Looking for a simpler way to build fullstack web apps? See how Laravel—a popular PHP framework with expressive, elegant syntax—can be the foundation of your app, freeing you to create without sweating the small things.
    By Chris Sev Tech Talks Laravel
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    Turning Infrastructure Into Software Through Cloud Engineering

    Help your team ship faster by defining cloud computing infrastructure in general programming languages. Explore best practices for defining resources, testing and validation, and software engineering processes.
    By Matty Stratton deploy 2021 Tech Talks
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    Kubernetes Requests, Limits, and Autoscalers: How They (Sometimes Don't) Work Together

    Did you know that setting the wrong requests and limits for pods can crash your entire cluster? See a breakdown of the interconnected parts involved with automating a Kubernetes configuration, from defining requests a...
    By Darian Wilkin deploy 2021 Tech Talks Kubernetes
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    Security On Autopilot: Best Practices for Securing Kubernetes Clusters

    A high-level security checklist that helps you better secure your Kubernetes clusters throughout your container's lifecycle. Get your 4Cs (Cloud, Cluster, Container, and Code) covered!
    By Mamta Jha deploy 2021 Tech Talks Kubernetes Security
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    Get To Know the CPO: The Future of Kubernetes at DigitalOcean

    DigitalOcean CMO Carly Brantz interviews Chief Product Officer Gabe Monroy on the future of Kubernetes and product innovation for cloud native businesses.
    By Carly Brantz, Gabe Monroy deploy 2021 Tech Talks Kubernetes
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    Everything You Want To Know About GitOps

    GitOps core concepts, benefits of using Flux as a continuous delivery solution, and implementation best practices for performing at-scale deployments with GitOps.
    By Janakiram MSV deploy 2021 Tech Talks CI/CD
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    Should Startups Adopt Kubernetes? Why, How, & When To Adopt

    Determine the right time to adopt Kubnernetes to speed up development and scale your business with ease.
    By Sachin Jha deploy 2021 Tech Talks Kubernetes
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    What is a Cloud Native Business? Learnings From DigitalOcean’s SMB Cloud Report

    Results from a DigitalOcean global study on how businesses of all sizes use cloud services, their pain points, and how cloud-native businesses are distinct from other companies.
    By Roxie Elliott deploy 2021 Tech Talks
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    The Multi-cloud Mindset: Creating Flexible & Scalable Infrastructure With Blockchain

    With the heralding call of Web3 expanding the use of blockchain technology, more businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility of decentralized applications. See how distributed environments help scale apps relia...
    By Dmitry Schklovsky deploy 2021 Tech Talks
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    Bootstrapping A Production-Ready Cluster With DigitalOcean's Kubernetes Starter Kit

    Build production-ready Kubernetes clusters quickly, complete with day-2 capabilities like ingress, logging, monitoring, alerting, and backup. Streamline setting up your ideal configuration with Terraform, Flux, and He...
    By Bikram Gupta deploy 2021 Tech Talks Kubernetes
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    From 0 to 3 Million+ Deployments: Scaling App Platform on Kubernetes

    Get a better understanding of how your builds run on DigitalOcean App Platform, and how to scale efficiently when your user base expands.
    By Kamal Nasser, Nick Tate deploy 2021 Tech Talks DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Build a Scalable Virtual Classroom on DigitalOcean

    See how BigBlueButton scaled their global infrastructure quickly and reliably by leveraging the DigitalOcean cloud platform and open source community to meet the rapid growth of virtual classrooms during the pandemic.
    By Frederick Dixon deploy 2021 Tech Talks
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    3 Ways to Spin Up a Kubernetes Cluster

    Building blocks to create a repeatable Kubernetes deployment process for all of your infrastructure needs. Examine the pros and cons between simple and fast, vs. more technical but repeatable infrastructure as code.
    By Kim Schlesinger Tech Talks Kubernetes deploy 2021
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    Opening Keynote With DigitalOcean CEO Yancey Spruill | deploy: The Americas

    DigitalOcean CEO Yancey Spruill shares insights on how developers and businesses can simplify cloud computing and spend more time creating software that changes the world.
    By Yancey Spruill deploy 2021 Tech Talks
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    Build and Deploy a Custom Droplet Image on DigitalOcean

    How to build a custom cloud image using Packer, configure a custom cloud image using Packer and Ansible, and use Packer to deploy your custom cloud image to DigitalOcean.
    By Mason Egger Tech Talks DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Tech talk

    Getting Started With Svelte

    Discover how Svelte helps you write less code, brings reactivity to JavaScript, and compiles your code to tiny, framework-less vanilla JS so that your app starts fast and stays fast.
    By Chris Sev Tech Talks