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Crumbl Cookies grows their email list 12.7x to 2.8M with Klaviyo

"I love the list collection aspect of Klaviyo—that we can gather leads from our app and a website embed form."
Rachel Hansen, customer retention manager, Crumbl Cookies

Jenni Kayne grows email revenue while slashing total sends 43.8% with Klaviyo

"Klaviyo really is our central point of reference for rewards, engagement, interests—all of that customer data."
Melissa Smith, director of retention, Jenni Kayne

Titan Fitness saves 75 developer hours per month with Klaviyo

"Klaviyo’s ease of use and extensibility with apps empowers team members to do their jobs."
Brandon Maskell, director of digital strategy and analytics, Klaviyo

“Nothing is made for ecommerce the way Klaviyo was built around ecommerce.”

Jason Wong, founder of Doe Lashes


"Klaviyo is the ESP that I love the most. I have seen unparalleled success from the platform."

Ministry of Supply

"Since we started segmenting our audience using Klaviyo’s predicted gender, we’ve seen a nice performance lift."


"At OVME, we can accomplish our owned marketing roadmap with one tool: Klaviyo."


"Our customer success manager is such a valuable resource."


"I feel spoiled using Klaviyo."