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[OC] The top 25 most discussed graphics cards on Reddit (r/buildapc)

r/dataisbeautiful - [OC] The top 25 most discussed graphics cards on Reddit (r/buildapc)
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I'm surprised the RTX 3060 isn't on this list. Is that correct?

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Considering it's the most popular RTX 30XX on steam, I wonder if the scraping is correct when parsing the 3060 Ti

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Sad 3060 noises


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My RX 580 is still going strong handling a good portion of new games at 60~fps on Medium-High/High settings. Holy crap it never fails to impress me, I’m definitely going to display it after I finally upgrade due to it’s sheer perseverance.

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I’ve only just replaced my RX480. That bad boy has been going flat out for years now and still works great, just won’t do 4K at the settings I want. It’s been retired for a 3070 and now it’s in my sons PC playing Roblox etc.

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My RX580 is finally getting to sleep come Tuesday. Thanks Bezos

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I just upgraded from a RX 580 to a 6700 XT. The difference is crazy

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Yes still rocking my 1060ti aswell, when I bought it the choice was between it and the rx580

Edit: Just checked and my choice was between the gtx1060ti and the rx480


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RX 5700 XT owner here, I'd bet that 3/4 of these discussions are troubleshooting lmao

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God the card when it works is great but the drivers are so fucking unstable. My drivers crash all the time from just about anything. I've had them crash on chrome to factorio to any triple a title. Theres no common ground except a few games won't run period (rdr :( my 1060 ran it just fine) and payday 2 is a sure promise to get a green screen crashes.

I never even knew there was other colors for crashes until I got this card I've only ever gotten the blue screen before

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Lots of people talked about selling them too. Bought mine for 320 new and sold for 1,200

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I guess I got really lucky though I don't play that much Triple A stuff but my 5700 xt has worked pretty fine for the two years I've had it now.


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