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Found the internet!
Posted by2 months ago
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I was caught browsing Reddit two years ago.

r/pics - I was caught browsing Reddit two years ago.
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You can tell they really tried to spice this thing up with all kinds of meaningless jargon

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Woah woah woah this guy admitted that they had agreed in writing to the surcharge in effect laid before them re the accusation of indeed browsing REDDIT.COM during hours formally assigned to that which involves providing working hours to the business wherein the fault lays with the individual who ergo assumes the liability of presupposing working in the space provided.

That's some serious shit, bro.

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Right? They literally spelled internet as "inter-net". I can do nothing but chuckle

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Misdemeanour disciplinary offense

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The party of the first part heretofore departs from the party of the second part henceforth to be known as the departed for the purposes of the partition of particulars, particularly in relation to the party of and in which both parties participated.


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Any company that refers to their code of conduct violations as a misdemeanor needs to get over themselves

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As a lawyer this got to me the most. They cite to an employee handbook like it is part of the state criminal code and call unauthorized web browsing a misdemeanor.

I'd end up getting fired responding to that clownish attempt.

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This is going on your permanent record! (what they used to say at school)

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That really stood out to me too. Like, what?

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also "charges leveled against you", "committing" and "sanctions". This reads like a Dwight Schrute complaint for the special dossier.

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3 inter-net violations is a felony. 2 more after that and you’re facing a capital offense.

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Sharon takes her job very, very seriously

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The culture at this company must be outstanding. Why would anyone continue to work for a company like this?? That letter is a sure sign that management is toxic, HR aid toxic, and they spend time regulating employees instead of inspiring them and supporting them.

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I'm being reminded of a recent bestof post where the guy was explaining the whole concept of people using legal words like they are fucking magic formulas and you just need to use them in the right order to essentially cast a spell. I'm guessing this is the same mentality at work...

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It’s like they caught OP watching CP on Reddit.


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