Section Pricing

How we price for platform usage and services.

What is Section's pricing model?

As an Edge Hosting Platform, Section supports customers with a simple pricing model that is consistent with cloud hosting services.

Platform Pricing


Platform pricing is based on an application's CPU and RAM requested and is billed in units of vCPU and GiB. Usage pricing is a flat rate per minute across the Edge network regardless of the global location where your containers may be running.

Included Egress and Storage

Egress: A substantial amount of egress is included at no extra cost. Egress overages are subject to additional charges.

Ephemeral Storage: A substantial amount of ephemeral storage for each container is also included at no extra cost.

Usage Optimization

AEE Strategies: Unique to Section, the Adaptive Edge Engine dynamically optimizes compute for every application based on user-inputted strategies to deliver the optimal application performance and distribution for the lowest RAM and CPU utilization.

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For more details view our Pricing Docs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are usage charges calculated?

Charges are calculated per minute of requested resource, per container, with the minimum charging unit being one whole minute. Charges are incurred for each container running on the platform (i.e. if you have 3 replicas of a container running in 3 locations, then charges accumulate for the 9 running containers).

Each container's charge is calculated as follows:

hours_running * ( vCPU_container_size * cpu_hourly_rate + RAM_container_size * ram_hourly_rate ).

How are storage and egress charges calculated?

An egress allowance is included for free with every container running on the platform based on the size of the container running at a rate of 0.5GB (per hour) * (CPU_request + RAM_request)

Containers in an application “share” their egress allotment. In other words, the egress allocations for an entire application are summed at the end of the month and actual consumed egress is compared to that total. Any egress overage is billed at a flat global rate of $0.04 per GB regardless of where your containers are running.

Also included at no extra charge is ephemeral storage for your container. Each container is allotted storage based on the size of the container running at the rate of 15 GiB * (CPU_request + RAM_request).

What are the default settings for my containers?

If no container size is specified in your deployment, then default container sizes are 1 vCPU and 2 GiB RAM.

Minimum container size is 0.5 vCPU and 0.5 GiB RAM, with 0.5 increments available for both RAM and CPU if you wish to specify a specific container size.

Does the location of my container impact the price?

There is a single price per vCPU and GiB across the entire Section platform. In other words, the price per vCPU and GiB is the same regardless of the location of the container.

How does the Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) impact costs?

AEE will automatically and constantly optimize the number and placement of your containers running pursuant to your specifications for performance and cost. When AEE shuts down a container, then that container immediately stops incurring a charge. AEE will shut down a container in a region either because workload has decreased in that region and multiple copies of the container are no longer required there, or the region itself is no longer required at that time.

How can I control my costs?

Cost can be actively controlled in a number of ways, including setting a maximum number of replicas and/or setting an AEE location strategy that limits the breadth of your application's deployment across the global network.

Additionally, the Section Console provides monthly usage information so you can monitor current charges.

Usage metrics are also available to be streamed to popular monitoring and alerting tools, whereby you can set up alerts when your monthly consumption exceeds a set threshold.

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