The BioDigital Human

Anatomical Storytelling with WebGL

Tarek Sherif



  • Interactive 3D to make anatomical content engaging
  • Move beyond the anatomy atlas
    • Tell stories
    • Bring content to life
    • Map data to and from 3D models
  • Make it widely accessible through the web

Types of Interaction

  • Highlight
  • Dissect
  • Isolate
  • XRay
  • Annotate

For Example...

The Human Heart

The BioDigital Human

  • 3D content library
    • 5000+ anatomy objects
    • 500+ health conditions
  • Rendering engine built on SceneJS
  • User-created annotations and custom views
  • API for embedding Human content into external websites

Types of Content

Human API

  • Embed a Human widget into your page via an iFrame
    • Select the content you want to embed
    • Find the view you want
    • Choose the UI and tools to include

Human API

  • Manipulate embedded content through the Human API library
    var human = new HumanAPI.Human("iFrameID"); 

        eye: { z: -25 },
        velocity: 20


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