List of hardware vendor:device ID pairings for kmod packages

This page contains a list of hardware vendor:device IDs known to be supported by each of the drivers in this repository.

To select the correct driver package for your hardware, please follow the example below.

[email protected]$ /sbin/lspci | grep -i Ethernet
04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 01)

[email protected]$ /sbin/lspci -n | grep '04:00.0'
04:00.0 0200: 10ec:8168 (rev 01)

Searching for the vendor:device ID pairing of 10ec:8168 shows that kmod-r8168 should work with this Ethernet controller.

See also Red Hat's solution article "How to tell if a PCI device is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8" about the vendor and device ID.


usb 0BDA:0179 kmod-8188eu
usb 0BDA:8179 kmod-8188eu
usb 2001:330F kmod-8188eu
usb 8179:07B8 kmod-8188eu


pci 1011:0046 kmod-aacraid
pci 1011:0046 kmod-aacraid
pci 1011:0046 kmod-aacraid
pci 1011:0046 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0001 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0002 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0002 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0002 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0003 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:0004 kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:000A kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:000A kmod-aacraid
pci 1028:000A kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0200 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0283 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0284 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0285 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0286 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0287 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:0288 kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:028B kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:028C kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:028D kmod-aacraid
pci 9005:028F kmod-aacraid


pci 1969:1090 kmod-alx
pci 1969:1091 kmod-alx


pci 17D3:1110 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1120 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1130 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1160 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1170 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1200 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1201 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1202 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1203 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1210 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1214 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1220 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1230 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1260 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1270 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1280 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1380 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1381 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1680 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1681 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1880 kmod-arcmsr
pci 17D3:1884 kmod-arcmsr


usb 0411:003D kmod-asix
usb 0411:006E kmod-asix
usb 0421:772A kmod-asix
usb 04BB:0930 kmod-asix
usb 04F1:3008 kmod-asix
usb 050D:5055 kmod-asix
usb 0557:2009 kmod-asix
usb 05AC:1402 kmod-asix
usb 077B:2226 kmod-asix
usb 07AA:0017 kmod-asix
usb 07B8:420A kmod-asix
usb 07D1:3C05 kmod-asix
usb 0846:1040 kmod-asix
usb 08DD:90FF kmod-asix
usb 0B95:1720 kmod-asix
usb 0B95:1780 kmod-asix
usb 0B95:7720 kmod-asix
usb 0B95:772A kmod-asix
usb 0B95:772B kmod-asix
usb 0B95:7E2B kmod-asix
usb 0DB0:A877 kmod-asix
usb 1189:0893 kmod-asix
usb 125E:180D kmod-asix
usb 13B1:0018 kmod-asix
usb 14EA:AB11 kmod-asix
usb 1557:7720 kmod-asix
usb 1631:6200 kmod-asix
usb 1737:0039 kmod-asix
usb 17EF:7203 kmod-asix
usb 2001:1A00 kmod-asix
usb 2001:1A02 kmod-asix
usb 2001:3C05 kmod-asix
usb 6189:182D kmod-asix


pci 1042:3020 kmod-pata
pci 1045:C558 kmod-pata
pci 1060:0101 kmod-pata
pci 1060:673A kmod-pata
pci 1060:886A kmod-pata
pci 1106:0561 kmod-pata
pci 1179:0102 kmod-pata
pci 1179:0103 kmod-pata
pci 1179:0105 kmod-pata
pci 16CA:0001 kmod-pata
pci 3388:8013 kmod-pata
pci 9412:6565 kmod-pata


pci 10B7:0013 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0007 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0011 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0012 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0013 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0014 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0015 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0016 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0017 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0018 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0019 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:001A kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:001B kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:001C kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:001D kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:0207 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:1014 kmod-ath5k
pci 168C:FF1B kmod-ath5k
pci A727:0013 kmod-ath5k


usb 040D:3801 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0411:017F kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 04CA:4605 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 04DA:3904 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 057C:8403 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 07D1:3A10 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 083A:A704 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0846:9018 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0846:9030 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:1006 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:20FF kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:7010 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:7015 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:9271 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 0CF3:B003 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3327 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3328 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3346 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3348 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3349 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 13D3:3350 kmod-ath9k_htc
usb 1668:1200 kmod-ath9k_htc


pci 1969:1048 kmod-atl1


pci 1969:1026 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1062 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1063 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1066 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1067 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1073 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:1083 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:2060 kmod-atl1e
pci 1969:2062 kmod-atl1e


pci 1969:2048 kmod-atl2


pci 19A2:0211 kmod-be2net
pci 19A2:0221 kmod-be2net
pci 19A2:0700 kmod-be2net
pci 19A2:0710 kmod-be2net


pci 14E4:1639 kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:163A kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:163B kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:163C kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:164A kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:164C kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:16AA kmod-bnx2
pci 14E4:16AC kmod-bnx2


pci 0E11:0046 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:4070 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:4080 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:4082 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:4083 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:4091 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:409A kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:409B kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:409C kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:409D kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:B060 kmod-cciss
pci 0E11:B178 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3211 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3212 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3213 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3214 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3215 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3220 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3223 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3225 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3230 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3234 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3235 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3237 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:3238 kmod-cciss
pci 103C:323D kmod-cciss


usb 1A86:7523 kmod-ch341
usb 4348:5523 kmod-ch341


usb 0471:066A kmod-cp2101
usb 0489:E000 kmod-cp2101
usb 0745:1000 kmod-cp2101
usb 08E6:5501 kmod-cp2101
usb 08FD:000A kmod-cp2101
usb 0FCF:1003 kmod-cp2101
usb 0FCF:1004 kmod-cp2101
usb 0FCF:1006 kmod-cp2101
usb 10A6:AA26 kmod-cp2101
usb 10AB:10C5 kmod-cp2101
usb 10B5:AC70 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:0F91 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:1101 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:1601 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:800A kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:803B kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8053 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8054 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8066 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:807A kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:80CA kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:80DD kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:80F6 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8115 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:813D kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:813F kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:814A kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:814B kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:815E kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:819F kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81A6 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81AC kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81C8 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81E2 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81E7 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:81F2 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8218 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:822B kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:826B kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8293 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:82F9 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8341 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8382 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:83A8 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:8411 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:846E kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:EA60 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:EA61 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:F001 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:F002 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:F003 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C4:F004 kmod-cp2101
usb 10C5:EA61 kmod-cp2101
usb 10CE:EA6A kmod-cp2101
usb 13AD:9999 kmod-cp2101
usb 1555:0004 kmod-cp2101
usb 166A:0303 kmod-cp2101
usb 16D6:0001 kmod-cp2101
usb 18EF:E00F kmod-cp2101
usb 413C:9500 kmod-cp2101


pci 1102:0005 kmod-ctxfi
pci 1102:000B kmod-ctxfi


pci 1011:1065 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:0001 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:0002 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:0010 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:0020 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:0050 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:B166 kmod-dac960
pci 1069:BA56 kmod-dac960


pci 1044:A501 kmod-dpt_i2o
pci 1044:A511 kmod-dpt_i2o


pci 8086:1029 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1030 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1031 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1032 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1033 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1034 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1038 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1039 kmod-e100
pci 8086:103A kmod-e100
pci 8086:103B kmod-e100
pci 8086:103C kmod-e100
pci 8086:103D kmod-e100
pci 8086:103E kmod-e100
pci 8086:1050 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1051 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1052 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1053 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1054 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1055 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1056 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1057 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1059 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1064 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1065 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1066 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1067 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1068 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1069 kmod-e100
pci 8086:106A kmod-e100
pci 8086:106B kmod-e100
pci 8086:1091 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1092 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1093 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1094 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1095 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1209 kmod-e100
pci 8086:1229 kmod-e100
pci 8086:2449 kmod-e100
pci 8086:2459 kmod-e100
pci 8086:245D kmod-e100
pci 8086:27DC kmod-e100


pci 8086:1000 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1001 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1004 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1008 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1009 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:100C kmod-e1000
pci 8086:100D kmod-e1000
pci 8086:100E kmod-e1000
pci 8086:100F kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1010 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1011 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1012 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1013 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1014 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1015 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1016 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1017 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1018 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1019 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:101A kmod-e1000
pci 8086:101D kmod-e1000
pci 8086:101E kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1026 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1027 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1028 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1075 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1076 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1077 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1078 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1079 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:107A kmod-e1000
pci 8086:107B kmod-e1000
pci 8086:107C kmod-e1000
pci 8086:108A kmod-e1000
pci 8086:1099 kmod-e1000
pci 8086:10B5 kmod-e1000


pci 8086:0D55 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1049 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:104A kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:104B kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:104C kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:104D kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:105E kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:105F kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1060 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:107D kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:107E kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:107F kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:108B kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:108C kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1096 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1098 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:109A kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10A4 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10A5 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10B9 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10BA kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10BB kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10BC kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10BD kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10BF kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10C0 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10C2 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10C3 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10C4 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10C5 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10CB kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10CC kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10CD kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10CE kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10D3 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10D5 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10D9 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10DA kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10DE kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10DF kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10E5 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10EA kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10EB kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10EF kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10F0 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10F5 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:10F6 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1501 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1502 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1503 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:150C kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1525 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:153A kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:153B kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:1559 kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:155A kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:294C kmod-e1000e
pci 8086:0D4C kmod-e1000e


pci 8086:1029 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1030 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1031 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1032 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1033 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1034 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1035 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1036 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1037 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1038 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1039 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:103A kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:103B kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:103C kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:103D kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:103E kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1050 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1059 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1209 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1227 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:1229 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:2449 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:2459 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:245D kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:5200 kmod-eepro100
pci 8086:5201 kmod-eepro100


pci 11C1:ED00 kmod-et131x
pci 11C1:ED01 kmod-et131x


pci 10DE:0037 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0038 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0056 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0057 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0066 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0086 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:008C kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:00D6 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:00DF kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:00E6 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:01C3 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0268 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0269 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0372 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0373 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:03E5 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:03E6 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:03EE kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:03EF kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0450 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0451 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0452 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0453 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:054C kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:054D kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:054E kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:054F kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0760 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0761 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0762 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0763 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:07DC kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:07DD kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:07DE kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:07DF kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0AB0 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0AB1 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0AB2 kmod-forcedeth
pci 10DE:0AB3 kmod-forcedeth


usb 0AF0:6711 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6731 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6751 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6771 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6791 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6811 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6911 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6951 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:6971 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7011 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7031 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7051 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7071 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7111 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7211 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7251 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7271 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7301 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7311 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7361 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7381 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7401 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7501 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7601 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7701 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7706 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7801 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7901 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7A01 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:7A05 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8200 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8201 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8300 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8302 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8304 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:8400 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:C031 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:C100 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D013 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D031 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D033 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D035 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D055 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D057 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D058 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D155 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D157 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D255 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D257 kmod-hso
usb 0AF0:D357 kmod-hso


pci 1077:7322 kmod-ib_qib
pci 1077:7220 kmod-ib_qib
pci 1FC1:0010 kmod-ib_qib


pci 8086:1D6A kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D68 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D66 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D64 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D62 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D60 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D6B kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D69 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D67 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D65 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D63 kmod-isci
pci 8086:1D61 kmod-isci


pci 8086:0438 kmod-igb
pci 8086:043A kmod-igb
pci 8086:043C kmod-igb
pci 8086:0440 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10A7 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10A9 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10C9 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10D6 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10E6 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10E7 kmod-igb
pci 8086:10E8 kmod-igb
pci 8086:150A kmod-igb
pci 8086:150D kmod-igb
pci 8086:150E kmod-igb
pci 8086:150F kmod-igb
pci 8086:1510 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1511 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1516 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1518 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1521 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1522 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1523 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1524 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1526 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1527 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1533 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1536 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1537 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1538 kmod-igb
pci 8086:1539 kmod-igb
pci 8086:157B kmod-igb
pci 8086:157C kmod-igb


pci 8086:10B6 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10C6 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10C7 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10C8 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10DB kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10DD kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10E1 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10EC kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10F1 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10F4 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10F7 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10F8 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10F9 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10FB kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:10FC kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1507 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1508 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:150B kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1514 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1517 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:151C kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1528 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1529 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:152A kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:154A kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:154D kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:154F kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1557 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1558 kmod-ixgbe
pci 8086:1560 kmod-ixgbe


pci 8086:10ED kmod-ixgbevf
pci 8086:1515 kmod-ixgbevf
pci 8086:1565 kmod-ixgbevf
pci 8086:15A8 kmod-ixgbevf
pci 8086:15C5 kmod-ixgbevf


pci 197B:0250 kmod-jme
pci 197B:0260 kmod-jme


pci 1000:10E7 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E4 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E3 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E0 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E6 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E5 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E2 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:10E1 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:001C kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:001B kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0017 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0016 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0015 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0014 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0053 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0052 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:00CF kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:00CE kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:005F kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:005D kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:002F kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:005B kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1028:0015 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0413 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0071 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0073 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0079 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0078 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:007C kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0060 kmod-megaraid_sas
pci 1000:0411 kmod-megaraid_sas


pci 1000:00E6 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00E5 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00E2 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00E1 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00D1 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AC kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AB kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AA kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AF kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AE kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00AD kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C3 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C2 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C1 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C0 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C8 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C7 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C6 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C5 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C4 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:00C9 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0095 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0094 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0091 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0090 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0097 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0096 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:007E kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:02B0 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:006E kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0087 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0086 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0085 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0084 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0083 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0082 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0081 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0080 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0065 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0064 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0077 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0076 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0074 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0072 kmod-mpt3sas
pci 1000:0070 kmod-mpt3sas


pci 1000:0621 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0622 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0624 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0626 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0628 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0640 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0642 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1000:0646 kmod-mptfusion
pci 1657:0646 kmod-mptfusion


pci 1000:0050 kmod-mptsas
pci 1000:0054 kmod-mptsas
pci 1000:0056 kmod-mptsas
pci 1000:0058 kmod-mptsas
pci 1000:0059 kmod-mptsas
pci 1000:0062 kmod-mptsas


pci 1000:0030 kmod-mptspi
pci 1000:0040 kmod-mptspi
pci 117C:0030 kmod-mptspi


pci 1186:1002 kmod-nx1001
pci 1186:1003 kmod-nx1001
pci 1186:1012 kmod-nx1001
pci 1186:1040 kmod-nx1001
pci 13F0:0200 kmod-nx1001
pci 13F0:0201 kmod-nx1001


usb 05C6:6000 kmod-option
usb 05C6:6613 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:5000 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6000 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6050 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6100 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6150 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6200 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6250 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6300 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6350 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6500 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6501 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6600 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6601 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6701 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6721 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6741 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6761 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6800 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:6901 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:7001 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:7021 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:7041 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:7061 kmod-option
usb 0AF0:7100 kmod-option
usb 0BDB:1900 kmod-option
usb 0C88:17DA kmod-option
usb 0C88:180A kmod-option
usb 0EAB:C893 kmod-option
usb 106C:3701 kmod-option
usb 106C:3702 kmod-option
usb 106C:3711 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1001 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1003 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1004 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1401 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1402 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1403 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1404 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1405 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1406 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1407 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1408 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1409 kmod-option
usb 12D1:140A kmod-option
usb 12D1:140B kmod-option
usb 12D1:140C kmod-option
usb 12D1:140D kmod-option
usb 12D1:140E kmod-option
usb 12D1:140F kmod-option
usb 12D1:1410 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1411 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1412 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1413 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1414 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1415 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1416 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1417 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1418 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1419 kmod-option
usb 12D1:141A kmod-option
usb 12D1:141B kmod-option
usb 12D1:141C kmod-option
usb 12D1:141D kmod-option
usb 12D1:141E kmod-option
usb 12D1:141F kmod-option
usb 12D1:1420 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1421 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1422 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1423 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1424 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1425 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1426 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1427 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1428 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1429 kmod-option
usb 12D1:142A kmod-option
usb 12D1:142B kmod-option
usb 12D1:142C kmod-option
usb 12D1:142D kmod-option
usb 12D1:142E kmod-option
usb 12D1:142F kmod-option
usb 12D1:1430 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1431 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1432 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1433 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1434 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1435 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1436 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1437 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1438 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1439 kmod-option
usb 12D1:143A kmod-option
usb 12D1:143B kmod-option
usb 12D1:143C kmod-option
usb 12D1:143D kmod-option
usb 12D1:143E kmod-option
usb 12D1:143F kmod-option
usb 12D1:1464 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1465 kmod-option
usb 12D1:14AC kmod-option
usb 12D1:14AE kmod-option
usb 12D1:14C6 kmod-option
usb 12D1:14C9 kmod-option
usb 12D1:14C9 kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CA kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CA kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CB kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CB kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CC kmod-option
usb 12D1:14CC kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1506 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1803 kmod-option
usb 12D1:1C05 kmod-option
usb 1410:1100 kmod-option
usb 1410:1110 kmod-option
usb 1410:1120 kmod-option
usb 1410:1130 kmod-option
usb 1410:1400 kmod-option
usb 1410:1410 kmod-option
usb 1410:1420 kmod-option
usb 1410:1430 kmod-option
usb 1410:1450 kmod-option
usb 1410:2100 kmod-option
usb 1410:2110 kmod-option
usb 1410:2120 kmod-option
usb 1410:2130 kmod-option
usb 1410:2400 kmod-option
usb 1410:2410 kmod-option
usb 1410:2420 kmod-option
usb 1410:4100 kmod-option
usb 1410:4400 kmod-option
usb 1410:6000 kmod-option
usb 1410:6001 kmod-option
usb 1410:7000 kmod-option
usb 1410:7001 kmod-option
usb 1410:8000 kmod-option
usb 1410:8001 kmod-option
usb 1410:9000 kmod-option
usb 1410:9001 kmod-option
usb 1614:0800 kmod-option
usb 1614:0800 kmod-option
usb 1614:0802 kmod-option
usb 1614:7002 kmod-option
usb 16D5:6202 kmod-option
usb 16D5:6501 kmod-option
usb 16D5:6502 kmod-option
usb 16D8:6280 kmod-option
usb 1726:1000 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0001 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0001 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0002 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0002 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0003 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0003 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0004 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0004 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0005 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0005 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0006 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0006 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0007 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0008 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0008 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0009 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0009 kmod-option
usb 19D2:000A kmod-option
usb 19D2:000A kmod-option
usb 19D2:000B kmod-option
usb 19D2:000B kmod-option
usb 19D2:000C kmod-option
usb 19D2:000C kmod-option
usb 19D2:000D kmod-option
usb 19D2:000D kmod-option
usb 19D2:000E kmod-option
usb 19D2:000E kmod-option
usb 19D2:000F kmod-option
usb 19D2:000F kmod-option
usb 19D2:0010 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0010 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0011 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0011 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0012 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0012 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0013 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0013 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0014 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0014 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0015 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0015 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0016 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0016 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0017 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0017 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0018 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0018 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0019 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0019 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0020 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0020 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0021 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0021 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0022 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0022 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0023 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0023 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0024 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0024 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0025 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0025 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0026 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0027 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0027 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0028 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0028 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0029 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0029 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0030 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0031 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0032 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0033 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0034 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0037 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0038 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0039 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0040 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0042 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0043 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0044 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0048 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0049 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0050 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0051 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0052 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0054 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0055 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0056 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0057 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0058 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0059 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0060 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0061 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0062 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0063 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0064 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0065 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0066 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0067 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0069 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0070 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0073 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0076 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0077 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0078 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0079 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0082 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0083 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0086 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0087 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0088 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0089 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0090 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0091 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0092 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0093 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0094 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0094 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0095 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0096 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0097 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0104 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0105 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0106 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0108 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0113 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0117 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0118 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0121 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0122 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0123 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0124 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0125 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0126 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0128 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0130 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0133 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0141 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0142 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0143 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0144 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0145 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0147 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0148 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0151 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0152 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0153 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0155 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0156 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0157 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0158 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0159 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0161 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0162 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0164 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0165 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0167 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0168 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0170 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0176 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0178 kmod-option
usb 19D2:0200 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1008 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1010 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1012 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1057 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1058 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1059 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1060 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1061 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1062 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1063 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1064 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1065 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1066 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1067 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1068 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1069 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1070 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1071 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1072 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1073 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1074 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1075 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1076 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1077 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1078 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1079 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1080 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1081 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1082 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1083 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1084 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1085 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1086 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1087 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1088 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1089 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1090 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1091 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1092 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1093 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1094 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1095 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1096 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1097 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1098 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1099 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1100 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1101 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1102 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1103 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1104 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1105 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1106 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1107 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1108 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1109 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1110 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1111 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1112 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1113 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1114 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1115 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1116 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1117 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1118 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1119 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1120 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1121 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1122 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1123 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1124 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1125 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1126 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1127 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1128 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1129 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1130 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1131 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1132 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1133 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1134 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1135 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1136 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1137 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1138 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1139 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1140 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1141 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1142 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1143 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1144 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1145 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1146 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1147 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1148 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1149 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1150 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1151 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1152 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1153 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1154 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1155 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1156 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1157 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1158 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1159 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1160 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1161 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1162 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1163 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1164 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1165 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1166 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1167 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1168 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1169 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1170 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1244 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1245 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1246 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1247 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1248 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1249 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1250 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1251 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1252 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1253 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1254 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1255 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1256 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1257 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1258 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1259 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1260 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1261 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1262 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1263 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1264 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1265 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1266 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1267 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1268 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1269 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1270 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1271 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1272 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1273 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1274 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1275 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1276 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1277 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1278 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1279 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1280 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1281 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1282 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1283 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1284 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1285 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1286 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1287 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1288 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1289 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1290 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1291 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1292 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1293 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1294 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1295 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1296 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1297 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1298 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1299 kmod-option
usb 19D2:1300 kmod-option
usb 19D2:2002 kmod-option
usb 19D2:2003 kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFE8 kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFEB kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFED kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFF1 kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFF5 kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFFE kmod-option
usb 19D2:FFFF kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1002 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1003 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1004 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1005 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1006 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1007 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1008 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1009 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100A kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100B kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100C kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100D kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100E kmod-option
usb 1A8D:100F kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1010 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1011 kmod-option
usb 1A8D:1012 kmod-option
usb 1BC7:1003 kmod-option
usb 413C:8114 kmod-option
usb 413C:8115 kmod-option
usb 413C:8116 kmod-option
usb 413C:8117 kmod-option
usb 413C:8118 kmod-option
usb 413C:8128 kmod-option
usb 413C:8129 kmod-option
usb 413C:8133 kmod-option
usb 413C:8136 kmod-option
usb 413C:8137 kmod-option
usb 413C:8138 kmod-option
usb 413C:8147 kmod-option


pci 10B9:5228 kmod-pata
pci 10B9:5229 kmod-pata


pci 1022:209A kmod-pata
pci 1022:7401 kmod-pata
pci 1022:7409 kmod-pata
pci 1022:7411 kmod-pata
pci 1022:7441 kmod-pata
pci 1022:7469 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0035 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0053 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0065 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0085 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:00D5 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:00E5 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:01BC kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0265 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:036E kmod-pata
pci 10DE:03EC kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0448 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0560 kmod-pata
pci 10DE:056C kmod-pata
pci 10DE:0759 kmod-pata


pci 1191:0005 kmod-pata
pci 1191:0006 kmod-pata
pci 1191:0007 kmod-pata
pci 1191:0008 kmod-pata
pci 1191:0009 kmod-pata


pci 1002:4349 kmod-pata
pci 1002:4369 kmod-pata
pci 1002:4376 kmod-pata
pci 1002:438C kmod-pata
pci 1002:439C kmod-pata


pci 1095:0640 kmod-pata


pci 1095:0643 kmod-pata
pci 1095:0646 kmod-pata
pci 1095:0648 kmod-pata
pci 1095:0649 kmod-pata


pci 1078:0000 kmod-pata
pci 1078:0002 kmod-pata


pci 1078:0102 kmod-pata


pci 100B:002D kmod-pata


pci 1022:209A kmod-pata


pci 1080:C693 kmod-pata


pci 1055:9130 kmod-pata


pci 1103:0004 kmod-pata


pci 1103:0004 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0005 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0006 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0007 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0008 kmod-pata


pci 1103:0004 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0005 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0006 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0007 kmod-pata
pci 1103:0009 kmod-pata


pci 1103:0003 kmod-pata


pci 1283:8213 kmod-pata


pci 1283:8211 kmod-pata
pci 1283:8212 kmod-pata


pci 11AB:6101 kmod-pata
pci 11AB:6121 kmod-pata
pci 11AB:6123 kmod-pata
pci 11AB:6145 kmod-pata


pci 8086:1234 kmod-pata


pci 169C:0044 kmod-pata


pci 1145:F021 kmod-pata
pci 1145:F024 kmod-pata


pci 100B:D001 kmod-pata


pci 100B:0002 kmod-pata


pci 8086:1230 kmod-pata


pci 1045:D568 kmod-pata


pci 1045:C621 kmod-pata
pci 1045:D568 kmod-pata


pci 105A:0D30 kmod-pata
pci 105A:0D38 kmod-pata
pci 105A:4D30 kmod-pata
pci 105A:4D33 kmod-pata
pci 105A:4D38 kmod-pata


pci 105A:1275 kmod-pata
pci 105A:4D68 kmod-pata
pci 105A:4D69 kmod-pata
pci 105A:5275 kmod-pata
pci 105A:6268 kmod-pata
pci 105A:6269 kmod-pata
pci 105A:7275 kmod-pata


pci 1331:8201 kmod-pata


pci 1042:1000 kmod-pata
pci 1042:1001 kmod-pata


pci 100B:0502 kmod-pata


pci 8086:811A kmod-pata


pci 1166:0211 kmod-pata
pci 1166:0212 kmod-pata
pci 1166:0213 kmod-pata
pci 1166:0214 kmod-pata
pci 1166:0217 kmod-pata


pci 1095:0680 kmod-pata


pci 1039:1180 kmod-pata
pci 1039:5513 kmod-pata
pci 1039:5518 kmod-pata


pci 10AD:0105 kmod-pata


pci 0E11:AE33 kmod-pata


pci 1106:9001 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:c409 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:5324 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:3164 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:1571 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:0581 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:0571 kmod-pata_via
pci 1106:0415 kmod-pata_via


pci 1077:8020 kmod-qlcnic


pci 10EC:8136 kmod-r8101


pci 10EC:2600 kmod-r8168
pci 10EC:2502 kmod-r8168
pci 10EC:8161 kmod-r8168
pci 10EC:8168 kmod-r8168


pci 10EC:8167 kmod-r8169
pci 10EC:8169 kmod-r8169
pci 1186:4300 kmod-r8169
pci 1186:4302 kmod-r8169


pci 10EC:092D kmod-r8192ce
pci 10EC:8176 kmod-r8192ce
pci 10EC:8177 kmod-r8192ce
pci 10EC:8178 kmod-r8192ce
pci 10EC:8191 kmod-r8192ce


usb 04BB:094C kmod-r8192cu
usb 04BB:0950 kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFF7 kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFF8 kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFF9 kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFFA kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFFB kmod-r8192cu
usb 04F2:AFFC kmod-r8192cu
usb 050D:1004 kmod-r8192cu
usb 050D:1102 kmod-r8192cu
usb 050D:2102 kmod-r8192cu
usb 050D:2103 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0586:341F kmod-r8192cu
usb 06F8:E033 kmod-r8192cu
usb 06F8:E035 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0789:016D kmod-r8192cu
usb 07AA:0056 kmod-r8192cu
usb 07B8:8178 kmod-r8192cu
usb 07B8:8189 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0846:9021 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0846:9041 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0846:F001 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0B05:17AB kmod-r8192cu
usb 0B05:17BA kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:018A kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:0A8A kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:17C0 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:1E1E kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:2E2E kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:317F kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:5088 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8170 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8176 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8177 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8178 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817A kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817B kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817C kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817D kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817E kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:817F kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8186 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:818A kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8191 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0BDA:8754 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0DF6:0052 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0DF6:005C kmod-r8192cu
usb 0DF6:0061 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0DF6:0070 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0E66:0019 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0E66:0020 kmod-r8192cu
usb 0EB0:9071 kmod-r8192cu
usb 103C:1629 kmod-r8192cu
usb 1058:0631 kmod-r8192cu
usb 13D3:3357 kmod-r8192cu
usb 13D3:3358 kmod-r8192cu
usb 13D3:3359 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2001:3307 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2001:3308 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2001:3309 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2001:330A kmod-r8192cu
usb 2001:330B kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:1201 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:4902 kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:AB2A kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:AB2B kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:AB2E kmod-r8192cu
usb 2019:ED17 kmod-r8192cu
usb 20F4:624D kmod-r8192cu
usb 20F4:648B kmod-r8192cu
usb 2357:0100 kmod-r8192cu
usb 4855:0090 kmod-r8192cu
usb 4855:0091 kmod-r8192cu
usb 4856:0091 kmod-r8192cu
usb 7392:7811 kmod-r8192cu
usb 7392:7822 kmod-r8192cu
usb CDAB:8010 kmod-r8192cu
usb CDAB:8011 kmod-r8192cu


pci 10EC:8171 kmod-r8192se
pci 10EC:8172 kmod-r8192se
pci 10EC:8173 kmod-r8192se
pci 10EC:8174 kmod-r8192se
pci 10EC:8192 kmod-r8192se


pci 1103:1720 kmod-rr172x


pci 1103:1740 kmod-rr174x
pci 1103:1742 kmod-rr174x


pci 1103:2300 kmod-rr2310_00
pci 1103:2310 kmod-rr2310_00
pci 11AB:7042 kmod-rr2310_00


pci 1103:0620 kmod-rr62x
pci 1103:0622 kmod-rr62x


pci 1103:0641 kmod-rr64xl
pci 1103:0642 kmod-rr64xl
pci 1103:0645 kmod-rr64xl
pci 1103:0646 kmod-rr64xl


pci 1432:7708 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7727 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7728 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7738 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7748 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7758 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1432:7768 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1814:0601 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1814:0681 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1814:0701 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1814:0781 kmod-rt2860sta
pci 1A3B:1059 kmod-rt2860sta


usb 0411:00E8 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0471:200F kmod-rt2870sta
usb 04E8:2018 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 050D:8053 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 050D:805C kmod-rt2870sta
usb 050D:815C kmod-rt2870sta
usb 050D:815C kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0586:3416 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0789:0162 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0789:0163 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0789:0164 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07AA:002F kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07AA:003C kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07AA:003F kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07B8:2770 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07B8:2870 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07D1:3C09 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 07D1:3C11 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:6618 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:7512 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:7522 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:8522 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:A618 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 083A:B522 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0B05:1731 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0B05:1732 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0B05:1742 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0CDE:0022 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0CDE:0025 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DB0:6899 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:0017 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:002B kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:002C kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:002D kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:0039 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0DF6:003F kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0E66:0001 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 0E66:0003 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 100D:9031 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1044:800B kmod-rt2870sta
usb 129B:1828 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 13D3:3247 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1482:3C09 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 148F:2770 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 148F:2870 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C06 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C07 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C09 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C23 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C25 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C27 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 14B2:3C28 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 157E:300E kmod-rt2870sta
usb 15A9:0006 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 15C5:0008 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1690:0740 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1737:0070 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1737:0071 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1740:9701 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 1740:9702 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 177F:0302 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 2019:ED06 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 5A57:0280 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 5A57:0282 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 7392:7717 kmod-rt2870sta
usb 7392:7718 kmod-rt2870sta


usb 04BB:0945 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 04BB:0947 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 04BB:0948 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0789:0166 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07B8:3070 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07B8:3071 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07B8:3072 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C0A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C0D kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C0E kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C0F kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C16 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07D1:3C17 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 07FA:7712 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 083A:7511 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 083A:A701 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 083A:A702 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 083A:A703 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0B05:1784 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:3820 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:3821 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:3822 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:3870 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:3871 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:6899 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:821A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:822A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:822B kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:822C kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:870A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:871A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:871B kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:871C kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DB0:899A kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DF6:003E kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DF6:0042 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DF6:0047 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 0DF6:0048 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1044:800D kmod-rt3070sta
usb 13D3:3273 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 13D3:3305 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 13D3:3307 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 13D3:3321 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 148F:3070 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 148F:3071 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 148F:3072 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 14B2:3C12 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9703 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9705 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9706 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9707 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9708 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1740:9709 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 18C5:0012 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1A32:0304 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1D4D:000C kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1D4D:000E kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1D4D:0011 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 1EDA:2310 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 2019:5201 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 2019:AB25 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 203D:1480 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 203D:14A9 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 20B8:8888 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 5A57:0282 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 5A57:0283 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 5A57:5257 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 7392:4085 kmod-rt3070sta
usb 7392:7711 kmod-rt3070sta


pci 1814:3091 kmod-rt3090sta
pci 1814:3092 kmod-rt3090sta


pci 1432:7708 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7711 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7722 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7727 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7728 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7738 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7748 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7758 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1432:7768 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:0601 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:0681 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:0701 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:0781 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:3060 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:3062 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:3562 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1814:3592 kmod-rt3562sta
pci 1A3B:1059 kmod-rt3562sta


usb 0411:00E8 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0471:200F kmod-rt3572sta
usb 04BB:0944 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 04E8:2018 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 050D:8053 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 050D:805C kmod-rt3572sta
usb 050D:815C kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0586:3416 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0789:0162 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0789:0163 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0789:0164 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07AA:002F kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07AA:003C kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07AA:003F kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07B8:2770 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07B8:2870 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07D1:3C09 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 07D1:3C11 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:6618 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:7512 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:7522 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:8522 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:A618 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 083A:B522 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0930:0A07 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0B05:1731 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0B05:1732 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0B05:1742 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0CDE:0022 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0CDE:0025 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DB0:6899 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:0017 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:002B kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:002C kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:002D kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:0039 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:003F kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:0041 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0DF6:0042 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0E66:0001 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 0E66:0003 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 100D:9031 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1044:800B kmod-rt3572sta
usb 129B:1828 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 13D3:3247 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1482:3C09 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 148F:2770 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 148F:2870 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 148F:3572 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C06 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C07 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C09 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C23 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C25 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C27 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 14B2:3C28 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 157E:300E kmod-rt3572sta
usb 15A9:0006 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 15C5:0008 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 167B:4001 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1690:0740 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1690:0744 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1737:0070 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1737:0071 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1740:9701 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1740:9702 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 1740:9801 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 177F:0302 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 2019:ED06 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 5A57:0280 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 5A57:0282 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 5A57:0284 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 7392:7717 kmod-rt3572sta
usb 7392:7718 kmod-rt3572sta


usb 04BB:0945 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 04BB:0947 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 04BB:0948 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0586:341A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0586:341E kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0586:343E kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0789:0166 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07B8:3070 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07B8:3071 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07B8:3072 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C0A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C0D kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C0E kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C0F kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C16 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07D1:3C17 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 07FA:7712 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 083A:7511 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 083A:A701 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 083A:A702 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 083A:A703 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0B05:1784 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:3820 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:3821 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:3822 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:3870 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:3871 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:6899 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:821A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:822A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:822B kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:822C kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:870A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:871A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:871B kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:871C kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DB0:899A kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:003E kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:0042 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:0047 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:0048 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:0050 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 0DF6:005F kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1044:800D kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3273 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3305 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3307 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3321 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3329 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 13D3:3365 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:3070 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:3071 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:3072 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:3370 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:5370 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 148F:5372 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 14B2:3C12 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9703 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9705 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9706 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9707 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9708 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1740:9709 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 18C5:0012 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1A32:0304 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1D4D:000C kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1D4D:000E kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1D4D:0011 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1EDA:2012 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 1EDA:2310 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 2019:5201 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 2019:AB25 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 203D:1480 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 203D:14A9 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 20B8:8888 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 5A57:0282 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 5A57:0283 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 5A57:5257 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 7392:4085 kmod-rt5370sta
usb 7392:7711 kmod-rt5370sta


pci 1814:3090 kmod-rt5390sta
pci 1814:5390 kmod-rt5390sta
pci 1814:5392 kmod-rt5390sta
pci 1814:539F kmod-rt5390sta


pci 10EC:8199 kmod-rtl8187se


pci 10EC:8199 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 10EC:8185 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1799:700F kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1799:701F kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 10EC:8180 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1799:6001 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1799:6020 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1186:3300 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1186:3301 kmod-rtl818x_pci
pci 1432:7106 kmod-rtl818x_pci


usb 0BDA:0129 kmod-rt5139
usb 0BDA:0139 kmod-rt5139


pci 1904:2031 kmod-sc92031
pci 1904:8139 kmod-sc92031


pci 10de:03f7 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:03f6 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:03e7 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:037f kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:037e kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:0267 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:0266 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:003e kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:0036 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:0055 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:0054 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:00ee kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:00e3 kmod-sata_nv
pci 10de:008e kmod-sata_nv


pci 1095:3531 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 1095:3131 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 1095:0244 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 1095:0242 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 1095:3132 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 8086:3124 kmod-sata_sil24
pci 1095:3124 kmod-sata_sil24


pci 1002:437a kmod-sata_sil
pci 1002:4379 kmod-sata_sil
pci 1002:436e kmod-sata_sil
pci 1095:3114 kmod-sata_sil
pci 1095:3512 kmod-sata_sil
pci 1095:0240 kmod-sata_sil
pci 1095:3112 kmod-sata_sil


pci 1039:1183 kmod-sata_sis
pci 1039:1182 kmod-sata_sis
pci 1039:0183 kmod-sata_sis
pci 1039:0182 kmod-sata_sis
pci 1039:0181 kmod-sata_sis
pci 1039:0180 kmod-sata_sis


pci 104C:8034 kmod-mmc
pci 1180:0822 kmod-mmc


usb 03F0:1B1D kmod-sierra
usb 03F0:1E1D kmod-sierra
usb 03F0:211D kmod-sierra
usb 0F3D:0112 kmod-sierra
usb 114F:6000 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0017 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0018 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0019 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0020 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0021 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0022 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0023 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0024 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0025 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0026 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0027 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0028 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0029 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0112 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0120 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0218 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0220 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0224 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0301 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0400 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:0FFF kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6802 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6803 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6804 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6805 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6808 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6809 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6812 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6813 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6815 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6816 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6820 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6821 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6822 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6832 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6833 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6834 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6835 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6838 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6839 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:683A kmod-sierra
usb 1199:683B kmod-sierra
usb 1199:683C kmod-sierra
usb 1199:683D kmod-sierra
usb 1199:683E kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6850 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6851 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6852 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6853 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6855 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6856 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6859 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:685A kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6880 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6890 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6891 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6892 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:6893 kmod-sierra
usb 1199:68A3 kmod-sierra
usb 413C:8133 kmod-sierra


pci 1039:0190 kmod-sis190
pci 1039:0191 kmod-sis190


pci 11AB:4382 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4381 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4380 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4370 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:436D kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:436C kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:436B kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:436A kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4369 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4368 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4367 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4366 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4365 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4364 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4363 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4362 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4361 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4360 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:435A kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4357 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4356 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4355 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4354 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4353 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4352 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4351 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4350 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4347 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4346 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4345 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4344 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4343 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4342 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4341 kmod-sky2
pci 11AB:4340 kmod-sky2
pci 1186:4B03 kmod-sky2
pci 1186:4B02 kmod-sky2
pci 1186:4001 kmod-sky2
pci 1186:4B00 kmod-sky2
pci 1148:9E01 kmod-sky2
pci 1148:9E00 kmod-sky2
pci 1148:9000 kmod-sky2


pci 106B:1645 kmod-tg3
pci 1148:4400 kmod-tg3
pci 1148:4500 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1600 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1601 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1641 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1642 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1643 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1644 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1645 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1646 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1647 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1648 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1649 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:164D kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1653 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1654 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1655 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1656 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1657 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1659 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:165A kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:165B kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:165D kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:165E kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:165F kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1665 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1668 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1669 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:166A kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:166B kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:166E kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1672 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1673 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1674 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1676 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1677 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1678 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1679 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:167A kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:167B kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:167D kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:167E kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:167F kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1680 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1681 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1682 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1683 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1684 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1686 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1687 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1688 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1689 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1690 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1691 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1692 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1693 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1694 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1696 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1698 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1699 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:169A kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:169B kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:169C kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:169D kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16A0 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16A6 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16A7 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16A8 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B0 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B1 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B2 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B3 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B4 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B5 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B6 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16B7 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16C6 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16C7 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16DD kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16F3 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16F7 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16FD kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:16FE kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:170D kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:170E kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1712 kmod-tg3
pci 14E4:1713 kmod-tg3
pci 173B:03E8 kmod-tg3
pci 173B:03E9 kmod-tg3
pci 173B:03EA kmod-tg3
pci 173B:03EB kmod-tg3


pci 1011:0009 kmod-tulip
pci 1011:0019 kmod-tulip
pci 104A:0981 kmod-tulip
pci 104A:2774 kmod-tulip
pci 10B7:9300 kmod-tulip
pci 10D9:0512 kmod-tulip
pci 10D9:0531 kmod-tulip
pci 1113:1216 kmod-tulip
pci 1113:1217 kmod-tulip
pci 1113:9511 kmod-tulip
pci 1186:1541 kmod-tulip
pci 1186:1561 kmod-tulip
pci 1186:1591 kmod-tulip
pci 11AD:0002 kmod-tulip
pci 11AD:C115 kmod-tulip
pci 11F6:9881 kmod-tulip
pci 1259:A120 kmod-tulip
pci 125B:1400 kmod-tulip
pci 1282:9100 kmod-tulip
pci 1282:9102 kmod-tulip
pci 1317:0981 kmod-tulip
pci 1317:0985 kmod-tulip
pci 1317:1985 kmod-tulip
pci 1317:9511 kmod-tulip
pci 13D1:AB02 kmod-tulip
pci 13D1:AB03 kmod-tulip
pci 13D1:AB08 kmod-tulip
pci 1414:0002 kmod-tulip
pci 14EA:AB08 kmod-tulip
pci 14F1:1803 kmod-tulip
pci 1626:8410 kmod-tulip
pci 1737:AB08 kmod-tulip
pci 1737:AB09 kmod-tulip
pci 17B3:AB08 kmod-tulip
pci 8086:0039 kmod-tulip


usb 0053:5301 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0105:145F kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0409:0248 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0411:00DA kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0471:1236 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0471:1237 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 050D:705C kmod-zd1211rw
usb 054C:0257 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3401 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3402 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3407 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3409 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:340A kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:340F kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3410 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3412 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0586:3413 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 079B:004A kmod-zd1211rw
usb 079B:0062 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 07B8:6001 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 07FA:1196 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 083A:4505 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 083A:E501 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 083A:E503 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 083A:E506 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:1211 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:1215 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:2011 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:20FF kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:A211 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0ACE:B215 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0B05:170C kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0B05:171B kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0B3B:1630 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0B3B:5630 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0BAF:0121 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0CDE:001A kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0DF6:0036 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0DF6:9071 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 0DF6:9075 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 126F:A006 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 129B:1666 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 129B:1667 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 13B1:001E kmod-zd1211rw
usb 13B1:0024 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 1435:0711 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 14EA:AB10 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 14EA:AB13 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 157E:300A kmod-zd1211rw
usb 157E:300B kmod-zd1211rw
usb 157E:300D kmod-zd1211rw
usb 157E:3204 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 157E:3207 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 1582:6003 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 1740:2000 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 2019:5303 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 2019:ED01 kmod-zd1211rw
usb 6891:A727 kmod-zd1211rw

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