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Welcome to the community maintained documentation for Openbox! Please help out and add your own articles or improve the ones that are already here.

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  • The configuration documentation has details on the various options you can set in rc.xml.

Application settings

  • Customize properties such as borders, geometry, workspace presence, layering etc. on a per-application basis.

Mouse & keybindings

Binding documentation

  • Improve productivity and customize the function of your desktop by binding actions to key/mouse buttons (commonly called hot keys).


  • Comprehensive documentation of all actions available for key and mouse bindings and the options which can affect their behavior.


Menu documentation

  • Describes how to set up your own menus in Openbox.


  • The actions documentation lists all of the actions available for use in Openbox menus.

Pipe menus

  • The pipe menu documentation explains basic use of pipe menus in Openbox. If you're looking for scripts there are many available on the community page.

Generating an applications menu

  • Scripts may be used to generate an application menu based on the contents of /usr/share/applications or other directories. See this section for a complete list.
  • There are also instructions available for getting a working Debian menu, if yours is not.


Theme specification

  • Comprehensive detail and documentation all of the elements found in an Openbox theme.

Openbox 3.4 theme file changes

Desktop Environments

Openbox in GNOME

  • Instructions for running Openbox in the GNOME desktop environment and getting things to work how you want.

Openbox in KDE

  • Instructions for running Openbox in K Desktop Environment.

Openbox in XFCE

  • Instructions for running Openbox in the XFCE desktop enviroment.

Custom Desktop Environments


  • Running Openbox as a stand-alone window manager in part of a custom desktop environment.


  • The autostart documentation gives instructions on how to launch programs with Openbox at startup (not applicable unless openbox-session is called from the Desktop Manager/xinit)


rc.xml Configuration examples

Feature list

  • A list of features found in the Openbox windowmanager.

Frequently asked questions

Compiling from source

  • Details what you need to build the latest version of Openbox, and how to install it correctly.

Using Git

  • Explains how to get bleeding-edge Openbox code for testing or developing with.


  • Obconf provides a simple graphical user interface to ease configuration for new Openbox users.

Upgrading to 3.4

  • Walks through all the changes made since version 3.3, and there is a lot of them. Some of them mean new configuration options and features available to you, that you need to update your configuration to access.

Other resources

  • The Arch wiki has a lot of great information on setting up and using Openbox.
  • Many Openbox questions have been answered in forums around the internet. Trying a search may be fruitful.

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