In sc_spec_2.0:
To use a vertex shader, shader source code is first compiled off-line into a shader object. Shader objects are linked off-line into a program binary object which generates executable code from the specified compiled shader objects. When a linked program binary object is used as the current program object, the executable code for the vertex shaders it contains is used to process vertices.

I understand the off-line compiled mechanism used in OpenGLSC, but Spec did not specify an off-line compiler tool, does this mean that the implementers need to additionally compile the shader source code of the GLSL language into a binary format in advance, or KHRONOS provide an official and useful tool for implementers will be better?

Maybe this question is foolish, if the Spec or KHRONOS GLSC related pages have mentioned the relevant information but I did not find, I hope you can remind me.

Thanks a lot.