I have a collada parser in MATLAB to extract the coordinates of the vertices in a collada 3d file. The collada file was created in Blender and color was added using vertex painting. I am trying to find the color of each vertex in MATLAB. Which parameter should I look for? I see the normals, texcoords and the color but I am not able to figure out how to associate that with the corresponding vertex. Any help is appreciated.

My COLLADA memories are pretty fuzzy, so I can’t tell you exact element names, but there are different kinds of “primitives” like triangles and lines and polygons and these are lists of indices, and the indices correspond to the vertices. This is standard practice for graphics, so it may not be explained outright, but consult the manual when in doubt.

This forum is more for questions the manual can’t answer, which comes up when developers have to implement COLLADA. Usually the forums for the software in question–either Blender or MATLAB in this case–are better forums for COLLADA questions.