I have a 3D layout model for an automation system in Collada(.dae) 1.5.0 version, and it contains geometry and kinematics information of the automation system. I would like to view it, but I tried several software such as blender, freecad, meshlab, sketchup…, they can not display it, when I import it nothing appears. I would like to know if there is a viewer for Collada version 1.5.0?

Is it from OpenRAVE? I don’t believe anyone worked on kinematics except someone involved with it during 1.5.0’s development.

The reference implementation I maintain at the COLLADA-DOM project on SourceForge can render 1.5.0 and I think probably some others can, however it doesn’t deal with the IK (kinematics) data and I’d be surprised if any do. A lot of COLLADA facilities are for developers to use with their private projects. It was developed for internal use inside game studios.

Edited: I should add 1.5.0 was released on the tail end of COLLADA and is pretty much ignored since interest in COLLADA peaked and fizzled during 1.4.1. I think it’s probably mostly avoided and software that supports it is probably just via a small patch that is able to negotiate its differences from the 1.4.0 branch enough to be able to load a 1.5.0 model. FWIW kinematics was introduced in 1.5.0.

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Hi, Mick, thank you for your answer. I have tried OpenRAVE during these days, and it is really good for viewing and operating Collada 1.5.0. Thanks a lot!