LLVM 14.0.5 is now available. This release is a bug-fix release and is API and ABI compatible with 14.0.0.

Note that we have adopted a new release schedule for the project , so there will be a new bug-fix release (14.0.x) every 2 weeks. 14.0.5 is the last planned release, but we may do a 14.0.6 release if there are critical issues found in 14.0.5.

Releases sources and binaries can be found on the release page .

Below is the full list of changes since 14.0.4:

c12386ae247c [MC][AArch64] Enable ‘+v8a’ when nothing specified for MCSubtargetInfo
4d5dad43b2eb [analyzer] Fix null pointer deref in CastValueChecker
5b296385298f PR45879: Fix assert when constant evaluating union assignment.
deb573739df9 [clang-tidy] bugprone-use-after-move: Fix handling of moves in lambda captures
d0cd5a872f8d [clang-format] Fix SpacesInLineCommentPrefix deleting tokens.
3cd9df8443f8 [clang-format] Fix PointerAlignment: Right not working with tab indentation.
d350783a0520 [LoopIdiom] Merge TBAA of adjacent stores when creating memset
198626ad43fd [MIPS] Address instruction selection failure for abs.[sd]
b75bf750fdc2 [LoopIdiom] Fix bailout for aliasing in memcpy transform.
2e857fe6e390 [ARM] Fix MVE getShuffleCost legalized type check
a517f3439671 [Support] Add missing header to Base64.h
4d039a7a7189 [Support] Add missing header to Signals.h
483db58f3eb5 compiler-rt: Allow build without __c11_atomic_fetch_nand
576e5b39ae4d [clang-tidy] Fix #55134 (regression introduced by 5da7c04)
99b5eb2d3a61 [Local] Don’t remove invoke of non-willreturn function
885724c60cdc [SimplifyCFG] Add test for invoke of nounwind non-willreturn function (NFC)
2f0a69c32a4c [OpenMP] Fix partial unrolling off-by-one.
79147e4722cc [clang][CUDA][Windows] Fix compilation error on Windows with uint32_t __nvvm_get_smem_pointer
ec0332328bd6 [clang] Fix some clang->llvm type cache invalidation issues
10d442522b1a [clang][AVR] Implement standard calling convention for AVR and AVRTiny
09ec80e16f47 [PowerPC] Treat llvm.fmuladd intrinsic as using CTR
b950bd2ce7ff Bump version to 14.0.5

I’ve updated the OpenMandriva packages - no new issues on any platform.