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  • Tax collection for several states and cities in the United States of America will begin on 1 December 2021. Charges will appear on the January invoice. Learn more about USA taxes.

15 November 2021

  • The Droplet Console now supports running the SSH daemon, sshd, on a custom port. Previously, it required sshd to listen on port 22.

10 November 2021

  • Released v1.67.0 of doctl, the official DigitalOcean CLI. This release updates godo to support new App Platform features.

9 November 2021

  • Fedora 35 base image is now available in the control panel and via the API.

  • You can now scale load balancers with more granularity by adding or removing nodes. The number of nodes a load balancer contains determines how many simultaneous connections and requests per second it can manage.

    Each additional node increases the load balancer’s maximum:

    • Requests per second by 10,000
    • Simultaneous connections by 10,000
    • New SSL connections per second by 250

    You can add up to 100 nodes to a load balancer.

    The scaling feature is not available in the following regions at this time: AMS2, NYC2, SFO1. In these regions, you can only create load balancers with one node, which equates to a small size load balancer under the legacy scaling system.

    The load balancer’s cost per month is based on the number of nodes it contains.

For more, see our full release notes.