DigitalOcean Container Registry

The DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) offers all the security of a private Docker image registry, with extra tool support that enables easy integration with your Docker environment and DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters. These registries are private, and co-located in the datacenters where DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters are operated, ensuring secure, stable, and performant rollout of images to your clusters.

To create a registry and get started, see the DigitalOcean Container Registry Quickstart.

Plans and Pricing

DOCR has three subscription plans:

  • Starter: Free offering that lets you try out DOCR.
  • Basic: Allows more repositories and storage needed for larger projects. Costs $5.00 per month.
  • Professional: Allows unlimited number of repositories and 100 GB of storage to scale up your projects even further. Costs $20.00 per month.
Features Starter Basic Professional
Monthly Price $0.00 per month $5.00 per month $20.00 per month
Repositories 1 5 Unlimited
Storage 500 MiB 5 GiB 100 GiB
Extra Storage Not Available $0.02 per GiB $0.02 per GiB
  • Extra storage is charged at the end of the day and is prorated based on the number of days your storage exceeds the quota in the given month.
  • In the future, each plan will have a bandwidth allowance and additional outbound data transfer (from the registry to the internet) will be $0.10 per GiB.
Untagged images count towards your storage quota, which may result in additional cost. To delete any untagged images, clean up your registry.

Regional Availability

DigitalOcean Container Registry is available in NYC3, SFO3, AMS3, SGP1, and FRA1. Learn more in the regional availability matrix.


  • Secure, private storage of your Docker images
  • Automatic configuration of your Docker environment
  • Automatic configuration of your DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters
  • Automatic global load balancing across caching endpoints in multiple geographic regions
  • Ability to store any artifact that is compatible with OCI-based registries, such as Helm charts


  • Each DigitalOcean account can only create one registry, although a registry may contain multiple repositories.
  • Registry names must be globally unique and not collide with the registry names of other users.
  • Untagged images are not displayed in the control panel. However, you can delete untagged manifests using doctl and free up space in your registry.
  • Manifest lists (for example, multi-arch images) are supported but may not display correctly in the control panel.
  • You cannot change the datacenter region of a registry after creation.
  • The name of a registry must:
    • Be unique across all DigitalOcean container registries.
    • Be no more than 63 characters in length.
    • Contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and/or hyphens.
    • Begin with a letter.
    • End with a letter or number.

Latest Updates

9 March 2022

30 November 2021

5 January 2021

For more information, see all Container Registry release notes.