EDNS Compliance

ISC is testing EDNS compliance because the lack of proper EDNS compliance impacts the deployment of new DNS features. In particular we wish to deploy Domain Name System (DNS) Cookies [RFC 7873] which requires Unknown EDNS Options to be correctly handled by all servers.

That said we are testing all of the features of EDNS as we don't know when we are going to need to use one of the other features and it is better to fix all the issues we can see sooner rather than later as delaying will only increase the amount of fixing required and will make using the other extension mechanisms less deterministic.

EDNS Compliance Tester

Test Your Servers Here

NB: this ISC tester is a low capacity service. Clients found abusing it (e.g. by automating queries) may be blocked.

If you want to run bulk queries please run your own instance - the source code is available on our Gitlab server.

EDNS Compliance Reports

External EDNS Compliance Reports

Other Compliance Reports

DNS Testing Tools

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