Official Documentation:

Current Version: 1.4.3

Last Major Update:

  • Bugfixes and refactor
  • Change build ecosystem (easier, smaller bundles)
  • Add tail, head, slice, getRow, setRow, fillMissingValues, dropMissingValues methods
  • sortBy now handles missing values.
  • Fix bugs on IE !


  • Browsers (IE > 10, Edge, Firefox, Chrome...)
  • NodeJS 4.x.x, 5.x.x, 6.x.x, 8.x.x

License: MIT


DataFrame-js provides an immutable data structure for javascript and datascience, the DataFrame, which allows to work on rows and columns with a sql and functional programming inspired api.

With the DataFrame, you can easily do a ton of complex stuff such as join, groupby, exploration tasks, machine learning...

It's mainly designed to work on server-side (with node) but it also works in the browser (without file system related features).


import DataFrame from "dataframe-js";
import { data, columns } from "./titanic_data.js";
const df = new DataFrame(data, columns);
const filteredDf = df
    .filter(row => row.get("survived") === "yes")
    .select("class", "age", "sex");;
| class       | age        | sex        |
| 1st class   | adults     | man        |
| 1st class   | adults     | man        |
| 1st class   | adults     | woman      |


via git: npm install git+

via npm: npm install dataframe-js

via yarn: yarn add dataframe-js

For the browser, we have change the script provider (rawgit) because it will close soon, consider to update the url!!!

in the browser (1.4.0):

  • for production <script src=""></script> (~ 80ko)
  • for development <script src=""></script> (~ 300ko)


Basic Usage

Advanced Usage

API Reference


The code of conduct

How to contribute ?

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