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Request membership in "mediawiki/extensions/OpenBadges" group for tfellows
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  • Your Gerrit username: tfellows
  • The Gerrit repository or repositories to which access is required:
  • Your reason, including links to patches written and reviewed: Hi! I'm looking to take over maintenance and development of the OpenBadges extension as it has fallen out of review. I have spoken with Tyler, and corresponded with André on the matter. I've just tested the extension against master, and all functionality has remained intact. Please see for minor API parameter requirement update to better match what is happening in the code. Thanks!

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Glad to have someone pick this extension back up for some much needed maintenance and rejuvenation =)

@Aklapper Do you know if there is someone else we should ping to move this forwards?

@Tfellows you mentioned you had contributed to Semantic MediaWiki. Might be worth including a link to those here to establish that you are not new to MediaWiki

@Aklapper Do you know if there is someone else we should ping to move this forwards?

@Lokal_Profil: Hi, not really... theoretical workflow is described at .
Practically it's unclear how to proceed as T273164 has not yet been resolved. CC'ing @mseckington as task owner.

@Lokal_Profil Will try to pull it up - most of my commits were done via @Yaron_Koren (back in the 2008-2009~) days of subversion before the move to git. Since then, been working on Enterprise MediaWiki and involvement has been through conferences (MW Dev conference, SMW conferences, Enterprise MediaWIki conferences).

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2022-06-22T17:36:47Z] <taavi> gerrit: add tfellows to the extension-OpenBadges group per request in T308278

taavi claimed this task.
taavi added a subscriber: taavi.

Done, since this is not a WMF deployed extension and this task had an endorsement for someone who already has rights to that extension. Sorry for the delay!