3D Meister Planner

3D Meister Planner is the simplest 3D floor planner in the world! It is a state of the art application using the full potential of modern Web technologies, by taking advantage of Hardware Accelerated and Parallel Computing. Users can select from a wide variety of options in a friction-less manner while being able to have an easy implementation with the existing products databases. For more information please visit our product websites and contact us!

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Realtime 3D Experts

Plus 360 Degrees is an award winning studio based in Bremen, Germany. It was founded by 3D Artist and Product Designer Delia Otetea, and Multi Disciplinary Artist and Web Developer Ivan Moreno, with the aim to create customized high-end real-time 3D experiences for brands and agencies. Our team has expertise in producing content and assets for realistic 3D applications, video games and installations using a wide range of methods and tools.

Our most well-known works are vehicle configurators, where the users can explore and customize them from any angle. In addition to pioneering new solutions for the automotive industry, we also cater to the aerospace, architecture, fashion and industrial design sectors.

Above the clouds

Above the Clouds is a tribute to the Earth. It is a realtime video experience that takes the user on a journey from above the ground on a variety of places around the globe. It's meant to inspire each and one of us, to unite us and make us realize that there is only one home – Earth. Made in WebGL, accessible from desktops and mobiles.

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Carefully Built

We can handle all aspects of a 3D interactive project; from concept, to design and development. We design and create user experiences with our clients’ image, target groups and distribution platforms in mind. We seek the union of art and performance, knowing that for the best result, the two must always go hand in hand. Our clients will always get the most from it.

We never stand still. In order that we may offer our clients the latest and most advanced solutions, we are in a constant state of research and development. This is why we are always pushing the boundaries of current technology as well as testing different methods of delivering compelling content to end users.

On Love

On Love is a metaphor of two people finding each other and the stages that they go through in their connection. It starts with the tumultuous life of dating and finding a right partner. Then a prelude leading to the first kiss is presented. The two then connect and go through an infatuation phase, and in the end they start the journey of how we all came to be here — by creating a new life.

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Our work has been exhibited in renown international events as SIGGRAPH WebGL BOF, 3DWebFest, MOOD Museum of Design Temporal Exhibition, Budapest Design Week, Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Mumbai - FOAID, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair - SZIDF, among other events. It also has been published in design books, computer programming books and scientific papers of 3D computer graphics and interactive techniques.

We have the honour to have been awarded and interviewed by international organisations of design as the A Prime Design Award and Competition, the Adobe Design Achievement Award and FWA, being Ivan a FWA Hero.

Ivan has shared at the internationaly known JSConfEU our creative, artistic and technical processes in creating photorealistic real time computer graphics.


UXCARS is the best Web based car visualization platform, that revolutionizes the online experience, allowing users to explore, customize, share and play with the largest interactive 3D car collection, accelerating their decision making process. The project is all about delivering the best visual and performant results to users who are either looking for their next purchase, or car enthusiasts who want to customize their current vehicle.

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Our Clients

Over the years we have the pleasure to work with clients from different industries as The Boeing Company, Alcar Holding, RPA, ACME DC, Isabella Wren, Sommer, Sistemi Moderni, to name some. If you would like to be our next partner, don't hesitate to contact us!

Car Visualizer Classics

Car Visualizer Classics was created as a sequel of the first Car Visualizer and as the title shows, it presents a collection of classic cars. With improvements in development methods, it is a more advanced vehicle visualizer and can be accessed from a multitude of devices.

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Cross Platform

Our internal platform allows the configurators to be used across multiple content distribution mediums; kiosk, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, and video projection and large installations. Our team takes advantage of the power of WebGL to deploy applications for a wide variety of computers and devices.

“Better and faster” is one of our mottos. We are always focused on delivering the best looking, highest performance applications. After years of refinement and polish, the pipeline we have set in place allows us to author live content with very efficient turnaround times.

Years of creating content for different mediums has taught us the importance of paying attention to the smallest details. This is what sets us apart.

Car Visualizer

Car Visualizer has been a pioneering project in realtime 3D presentations online. Launched in mid-2012, it was the first of its kind in the Web industry. It showcases a collection of 8 vehicles in a garage where the user has the ability to customize body colors and select/swap wheels. The project runs smoothly in most of the new and old devices supporting WebGL. It gathered recognition from industry awards and leaders.

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