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Cables is our in-house development tool for interactive WebGL and Web Audio projects.

Web-based simulation game for Next Kraftwerke

WebGL-based website for photographer Tobias Faisst

Process visualisation using WebGL for Next Kraftwerke

Interactive WebGL background animation for the website of CSS Design Award’s Website of the Year 2016

Audio-visual interactive installation in Graz

A sweepstake-game inspired by Las Vegas-style slot machines, spinning videos instead of images for the German hip hop-crew «Beginner».

Website for the launch of the Hercules e-bike «Nos» with stortytelling-elements made in WebGL.

We spiced up the website of «DigitalBiscuit – the film and technology forum» with an interactive WebGL background.

Visual «Pas de Deux» between Cologne and Peking for «25 Years Cologne-Peking».

Interactive website for the launch of a new Nike running shoe. Users can create their own musical compositions using a zoetrope-sequencer.

Interactive video wall for the lounge of the hotels from motel one

Augmented reality app bringing a small paper robot to life

iOS and Android games for children

Introducing the EURO2016 kits of «The Mannschaft» by walking around a virtual soccer field to take a look at Adidas’ home and away kit.

Interactive installation removing layer by layer from the human body by moving around in space.

Out project for «Schmiede» – a «Salted Perception» of reality, distorted by a Kinect and an Oculus Rift.