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3D Commerce Working Group Releases Real-time Asset Creation Guidelines to Assist Artists Create Efficient, Reliable Models for Retail and E-Commerce

3D Commerce Render Everything EverywhereThe Real-time Asset Creation Guidelines are 3D tool-agnostic and can be used alongside any asset creation software. They provide content creators with an easy-to-understand set of recommended practices and presets for publishing targets including desktop, mobile, and AR platforms. These recommendations will be actively maintained by the 3D Commerce™ Working Group so they stay up-to-date as 3D and XR technology evolves. They are published on GitHub and are also available as a PDF. More...

Khronos Vulkan Working Group Releases Shading Rate Extension to Increase Rendering Performance and Quality

Vulkan 1.2 LogoThe Vulkan® Working Group has released the VK_KHR_fragment_shading_rate extension, which provides a new, flexible technique to control the fragment shading rate, enabling developers to perform shading at a lower resolution than the render targets. This fine level of control allows developers to focus shading resources where they are needed, which ultimately increases rendering performance and quality.

In addition to the API support controlling rasterization, this extension also adds Vulkan support for the SPIR-V™ fragment shading rate extension. That extension provides the ability to set the primitive rate from vertex, geometry, and mesh shaders, and for fragment shaders to determine the shading rate used for processing the fragment.


Latest Khronos Webinars Now Available On-Demand

OpenVX LogoOpenVX™ reviews and explains the latest features in OpenVX 1.3 and how these features are being leveraged by OpenVX adopters.
Speakers: Kiriti Nagesh Gowda, OpenVX Chair; Mike Schmit, AMD; Frank Brill, Cadence; Neil Trevett, Khronos Group President
Video and Presentation:

3D Commerce LogoThe 3D Commerce Working Group brought together a group of subject matter experts to explain why industry alignment is crucial and how standardization will bring new opportunities to any designer, retailer, manufacturer or technology company developing 3D experiences.
Panelists: Shrenik Sadalgi, Wayfair & 3D Commerce Chair; Leonard Daly, Daly Realism & Moderator; Eric Bennett, Amazon Imaging Sciences; Brent Scannell, Autodesk; Nathaniel Hunter, DreamView; Max Limper, DGG; Thomas Lucchini, Microsoft; Jon Wade, Shopify; Norbert Nopper, UX3D
Video and Presentation:

OpenXR Logo OpenXR® provides an update on the specification, code examples, discussed two extensions: experimental overlays and hand tracking, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and available vendor services.
Speakers: Brent Insko, OpenXR Chair; Jakob Bornecrantz, Collabora; Sam Morales, Holochip; Sam Robinson, Holochip; Steve Winston, Holochip; Brad Grantham, LunarG; Robert Blenkinsopp, Ultraleap
Video and Presentation:

Registration Now Open for Upcoming WebGL Meetup

WebGL LogoJoin us for a virtual WebGL™ Meetup where we will hear from a variety of exciting speakers including: Sketchfab,, BlackSmithSoft, model-viewer, and PlayCanvas. The meetup will conclude with a lively Q&A discussion.
When: November 18, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am PT (+8 GMT)


NVIDIA Blog: Preferring Compile-time Errors over Runtime Errors with Vulkan-hpp

NVIDIA LogoAndreas Süßenbach, a senior software developer at NVIDIA, has posted a new developer tutorial on compile-time errors vs runtime errors with Vulkan-hpp. If you are using Vulkan, there are a few ways to create runtime errors. Even with the great validation layers available with Vulkan, you must run that part of the code to detect such errors. When you use Vulkan-hpp, a header-only C++ binding for the Vulkan API, some of those runtime errors are turned into compile-time errors. Read this tutorial to learn more. More...

Tutorial: Making the Most of Arm NN for GPU inference: OpenCL Tuner

Arm LogoArm NN is an open-source inference engine for CPUs, GPUs and NPUs. It bridges the gap between existing NN frameworks and the underlying IP. Arm NN is built on top of the Arm Compute Library (ACL). This contains a collection of highly optimized low-level functions to accelerate inference on the Arm Cortex-A family of CPU processors and the Arm Mali family of GPUs. For GPUs, ACL uses OpenCL™ as its compute API. The OpenCL memory model closely maps to the GPU architecture making it possible to implement optimizations that significantly reduce the accessing of global memory. More...

Khronos Sponsored BadgeISMAR 2020
November 9-13, 2020

IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) is the premier conference for ISMAR 2020 LogoAugmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). ISMAR explores the advances in commercial and research activities related to AR and MR and Virtual Reality (VR) by continuing the expansion of its scope over the past several years. The symposium is organized and supported by the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE VGTC and ACM SIGGRAPH.

In 2020, ISMAR will be organized by CIn/UFPE and UFRPE and will be held as a virtual conference.


Khronos Sponsored Speaker BadgeWeb3D 2020
November 9-13, 2020

It's the 25th anniversary of Web3D, don’t miss this opportunity to share and learn Web3D Logoreal-time interactive 3D.

Catch Neil Trevett's Khronos Outlook Report during Plenary #2 on November 12th from 1:00-3:00pm UTC. Attendance is free this year and you can register here.

Khronos Sponsored Speaker BadgeAutoSens Detroit
November 17-19, 2020

AutoSens LogoKhronos President, Neil Trevett, will be presenting, Open Interoperability Standards for Automotive Vision and Inferencing Acceleration: An Industry Overview, on November 19th, from 12:15 PM - 12:40 PM (PST). Register now for AutoSens Detroit streaming and get access to all AutoSens Brussels content on-demand!


Khronos Sessions BadgeSC20
November 9-19, 2020

SC20 provides one of the best opportunities for computer scientists, SC20 Logoengineers, network experts, and other HPC researchers from academia, government, and industry to gather and assess the state of the field.

This year, SYCL and OpenCL figure prominently in SC20's agenda. There will be over a dozen sessions related to SYCL and OpenCL. See all of the Khronos-related sessions here.

Khronos Sponsored BadgeXR USA 2020
November 19-20, 2020

XR USA 2020 is your place to finally figure out where and how XR can benefit Retuers Events Logoyour business, demonstrate ROI, create compelling content that users love, crack the ideal user experience and quantify at last the benefits of a technology your gut has long known to be great.


IFC Summit 2020
December 16, 2020

The Khronos Group is a proud media sponsor for The TIFCA LogoInternational Future Computing Summit. Neil Trevett, President of The Khronos Group, is also a featured speaker.

While the IFC Summit is primarily an invitation-only virtual event, respondents that complete the Foresight 2020: Cross Platform Survey qualify for a ticket while supplies last.

Khronos Sponsored Speaker BadgeSIGGRAPH Asia 2020
December 4-13, 2020

The Khronos Group presentation “Open Standards Update” SIGGRAPH Asiaat SIGGRAPH Asia will be available on-demand from December 4-13, 2020 for anyone with a Basic Attendee pass or higher.

Be sure to join us for a 30-minute Q&A session on Thurs, December 10th at 10:30am Philippine Standard Time / GMT+8 (Wed, December 9th at 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time / GMT-8).


Khronos Sponsored Speaker BadgeXR Kaigi 2020
December 8-10, 2020

XR Kaigi LogoThe Khronos Group will be represented this year at XR Kaigi 2020, a Japanese conference for developers and creators interested in VR/AR/MR.

OpenXR Working Group members Brent Insko (Intel), Ryan Pavlik (Collabora), and Lachlan Ford (Microsoft) will be presenting. Stay tuned for more information.


PAST EVENTS                              

PI Apparel

Product Innovation Apparel Logo One challenge to deploying 3D at scale lies in its interoperability, or rather, in its lack thereof. Whilst the dream is to create a fully end-to-end digital workflow made up of previously siloed platforms that now seamlessly integrate and communicate, the reality is that 3D tools today don’t play particularly well with others. This Spotlight, featuring Khronos President Neil Trevett, offers a roadmap to achieving simple integration and subsequent seamless data flow to underpin a future digital supply chain. View the sessions here.


RapidCompact aligned with Khronos 3D Commerce Real-Time Asset Creation Guidelines

RapidCompact by DGG Logo DGG is happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to this effort and believes that these kinds of joined-up activities and achievements will support rapid growth in the industry. DGG has aligned the development of their RapidCompact platform with the Asset Creation Guidelines, so that RapidCompact users can optimize the 3D assets to match with the official publishing targets fully-automatically, without requiring 3D domain expertise. More...


OpenCV 4.5 released with OpenCL improvements

OpenCL Logo OpenCV as the widely-used, real-time computer vision library is out this week with version 4.5 as a big feature release. This release comes with support for multiple OpenCL Contexts. More...


Mesa’s LLVMpipe is OpenGL 4.5 Conformant

The Mesa 3D Graphics Library LogoBeginning with Mesa 20.2 is OpenGL 4.5 support for LLVMpipe, the LLVM-based software rasterizer built as a Gallium3D driver. This succeeded LLVMpipe for years being limited to OpenGL 3.3. While the OpenGL 4.5 support has been enabled for weeks, The Khronos Group has now officially confirmed its implementation. More...


Ask an Expert: OpenVX Programming Guide

OpenVXIn this interview, authors Victor Erukhimov, Frank Brill, Stephen Ramm and Radhakrishna Giduthuri are asked about their new book OpenVX Programming Guide, and uncover the unique quality a book can have from being written by a team of authors. More...

For more Khronos-related developer books, click here.


Unity ‘Accelerating Efforts’ on OpenXR Support, Preview Expected by End of Year

Unity LogoUnity has long been a public supporter of OpenXR, but the company has yet to deploy support for the standard. As a key figure in OpenXR (owed to it being one of the leading VR game engines), it’s good news today to hear the company affirm its commitment to the standard and say that it’s accelerating work to bring OpenXR to Unity. More...

Microsoft Tech Community: Moving Forward to OpenXR

Microsoft LogoEarlier this year, Microsoft and Oculus started shipping conformant OpenXR runtimes to all customers, with SteamVR previewing OpenXR support soon after. Since then, we’ve seen wide adoption of OpenXR across the industry: from the new RenderDragon engine in Minecraft to the WebXR implementation in Edge and Chrome – from Babylon Native to Blender 2.83. More...

SYCL IN THE NEWS             

White paper: Open Standards Enable Continuous Software Development in The Automotive Industry with focus on SYCL

SYCL LogoThis white paper gives a high-level overview of vehicle development, followed by a deep dive in the different software development processes, languages and tools that are required for efficient development of the next generation of intelligent vehicles, and especially explores SYCL. More...

NSITEXE,  Kyoto Microcomputer and Codeplay Software are Bringing Open Standards Programming to RISC-V Vector Processor for HPC and AI Systems

Codeplay LogoCodeplay Software Ltd announced that software developers working on HPC and AI for embedded systems will be able to take advantage of industry defined open standards from The Khronos Group on RISC-V architectures, thanks to Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (“NEDO”) project in which NSITEXE and Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd. (“KMC”) are participating. More...


The Khronos Group Interview - Next Gen Graphics, Ray Tracing & Vulkan - With Neil Trevett

Vulkan LogoNeil Trevett, President of Khronos Group and VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA, joined Red Gaming Tech for a video interview. In the video, they discuss specific Vulkan features and how it’s improved, as well as touching on topics such as ray tracing and next gen graphics. More...

Basemark announces GPUScore “Relic of Life” now has benchmarks with Vulkan Ray Tracing

Basemark LogoGPUScore Relic of Life is targeted to benchmark high end graphics cards. It is a completely new benchmark with many new features. The main new feature is real-time ray traced reflections and reflections of reflections. The benchmark will not only support Windows & DirectX 12, but also Linux & Vulkan Ray Tracing. More...

Raspberry Pi 4 Vulkan Driver “V3DV” Merged Into Mesa 20.3

Raspberry Pi Logo The V3DV Vulkan driver developed over the past year for newer Broadcom VideoCore hardware with an emphasis on the Raspberry Pi 4 support is now mainlined in Mesa 20.3! More...

Vulkan Ecosystem & SDK Survey - 2020 Year-End Results

LunarG Logo In December of 2019, LunarG conducted a Vulkan ecosystem survey. Many Vulkan developers shared their requests for improvements. LunarG took those suggestions to heart and created projects to address many of the developer suggestions from the survey. To learn more about the results of these projects, check out the LunarG report that itemizes key requests from the survey and reports on the status of those requests. More...

Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Linux Drivers Strike Another Optimization for Tiger Lake

Intel LogoIntel merged a change to benefit Intel’s Iris Gallium3D (OpenGL) and ANV Vulkan drivers for making use of the HDC data cache for uniform buffer object (UBO) pulls on Gen12+ hardware, namely Tiger Lake at this point. By making use of the data cache for UBO pulls, there is generally up to another few percent improvements for various OpenGL and Vulkan games running on Linux—either natively or through the likes of the DXVK layer. More...

NVIDIA’s NRD Real-time Denoiser Supports Vulkan Ray Tracing

NVIDIA LogoNRD is an open sourced, spatio-temporal ray tracing de-noising library that’s designed to provide high-quality real time imagery with as few as 0.5 or 1 rays per pixel. NRD uses input signals together with environmental conditions to deliver results comparable to ground truth images. NRD supports diffuse lighting, specular lighting or reflections, and infinite light source shadows. The NRD library is fast, robust, and easy to integrate with Vulkan applications using ray tracing. More...

Vulkan and the Technology Behind Doom Eternal - Interview with Lead Engine Programmer Billy Khan

Vulkan LogoFor the release of the first add-on for Doom Eternal, we received the offer to talk to id Software's lead engine programmer Billy Khan about the technology of the game and id tech in general. In the extensive interview, Billy unpacks details about the Vulkan API used, storage management, LoD and streaming systems and many other interesting aspects. (article in German) More...


Safari Technology Preview 114 adds WebGL 2.0 enabled by default

Apple LogoSafari Technology Preview Release 114 is now available for download for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. Included in this release are a few WebGL improvements, including: Enabled WebGL2 by default, Added WebGL and WebGL2 context support to OffscreenCanvas, WebGL goes in a bad state where glContext.createProgram() returns null. More...

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