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Nimbella Joins the DigitalOcean Family

Hacktoberfest is back and gr-eight-er than ever!

Grow even faster with the new control plane for DigitalOcean Kubernetes

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Boost your cloud native skills with these sessions from deploy

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean onCommunity   2021-11-18

As we wrap up another incredible deploy conference, we’re taking ...

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Announcing Currents: DigitalOcean's research report on SMBs and the cloud

author imageRoxana Elliott onNews   2021-11-16

DigitalOcean is excited to announce the launch of our latest edi ...

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What is PaaS? Platform as a Service Explained

Platform as a service, or PaaS, is a category of cloud computing ...

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Scale your apps confidently with upgraded Load Balancers

One of the critical components that’s required to deliver superi ...

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What is IaaS? Infrastructure as a Service Explained

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud delivery model tha ...

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Don’t fear the cloud! Three steps to simplify cloud computing

Getting started with cloud computing can be a huge undertaking. ...

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Latest products and features at DigitalOcean: October 2021 

October was a busy month for DigitalOcean as we hosted our eight ...

vanilla kubernetes vs managed kubernetes

Vanilla Kubernetes vs Managed Kubernetes

Sachin JhaSachin Jha onCloud Education   2021-10-26

Ever wondered why the “wheel of a ship” stands as the logo of Ku ...

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Join us for deploy, DigitalOcean's virtual conference

Sammy avatarDigitalOcean onNews   2021-10-21

Calling all developers! DigitalOcean is preparing for another de ...

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Introducing DigitalOcean's New Chief Product Officer

author imageGabe Monroy onNews   2021-10-19

​​I am honored and humbled that today I have joined DigitalOcean ...

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Programmatically gain insight into your apps using the new Monitoring API

Delivering superior customer experiences is a key priority for m ...