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Nimbella Joins the DigitalOcean Family

Hacktoberfest is back and gr-eight-er than ever!

Grow even faster with the new control plane for DigitalOcean Kubernetes

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2021 demonstrated that 'love is at our core'

This year was a pivotal one for DigitalOcean as we continue alon ...

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Nimbella Joins the DigitalOcean Family

author imageYancey Spruill onNews   2021-09-07

I’m excited to share that this morning we announced that we have ...

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CEO's reflections on 2 years at DigitalOcean

author imageYancey Spruill onCulture   2021-08-25

As I approach my second anniversary at DigitalOcean, I have even ...

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Announcing DigitalOcean's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report

I am incredibly proud to share DigitalOcean’s first-ever diversi ...

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DigitalOcean becomes a public company

author imageYancey Spruill onNews   2021-03-24

Today is a proud day for all of us here at DigitalOcean. It’s al ...

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2020 Reinforced that the 'community is bigger than just us'

author imageYancey Spruill onCommunity   2020-12-21

When we began the year, we knew this would be an important one f ...

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deploy by (and to!) DigitalOcean: our virtual conference showcasing the latest ways to run on DO

Today we broadcast deploy – our 24-hour global virtual conferenc ...

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A year in review: CEO’s reflections

author imageYancey Spruill onCommunity   2020-08-13

It’s hard to believe that I joined DigitalOcean just 12 short mo ...

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Together we stand to support equality & justice in our community - Hub for Good update

author imageYancey Spruill   2020-06-03

As if our 2020 wasn’t challenging enough, we are now confronted ...

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Let’s DO Good Together with the DigitalOcean Hub for Good

author imageYancey Spruill onCommunity   2020-04-01

Our community is bigger than just us. This is one of our core va ...

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An Update on the DigitalOcean Business

author imageYancey Spruill   2020-02-20

It’s been a little more than six months since I joined DigitalOc ...

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Introducing DigitalOcean’s New CEO: "Why I'm So Excited to Join DO!"

Hi, my name is Yancey, and as the incoming CEO of DigitalOcean, ...