What is the Meta Ad Library and how do I search it?

The Ad Library is a place where you can search for ads that are running across Meta Products. You can use it to get information about the ads you see.
For all ads, you can search for ads that are currently active on the Meta Products.
For ads that are about issues, elections or politics, you can also search ads that are inactive (no longer running across Meta Products). Transparency is a priority for us to help prevent interference in elections, so the Ad Library also shows you additional information about these ads, such as who funded the ad, a range of how much they spent, and the reach of the ad across multiple demographics. We store these ads in the library for 7 years.
You can view and use the Ad Library at https://www.facebook.com/ads/library.
If you're an advertiser, you can learn more about issue, electoral or political ads in our Business Help Center.
Please note, there are certain, limited circumstances where ads may be removed from the Ad Library, such as serious Community Standards violations or by valid government request.
Note: Ads must comply with our Advertising Policies. An ad that does not follow these policies may appear in the Library, but will include a warning message before you view it.
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