In memory of Lenny Lipton

An inventor and innovator in stereoscopy, a great man, and a wonderful friend.

​Everybody wants an award…

So, get in on the ground floor.

It’s not too late to enter the game

It’s time for video streamers to embrace gaming.

Trade shows: Are we over them?

Has Covid changed our attitude toward them, or are we still just being cautious about these large events?

​Streaming needs a strong dash of social involvement

Social media is Gen Zers’ top choice for entertainment.

AIB shortage turns into a glut

How quickly the tide changes.

Everybody is a gamer

Even celebrities have their favorite titles.

China—The world’s digital entertainment hub

It’s game on for Microsoft and Sony scouting the Chinese market for the next big titles.

​China’s Biren to feel the heat of US sanctions

China’s newest GPU-compute AIB loses TSMC access.

Theaters still belong in the entertainment mix

The movie house isn't dead it just has to figure out how it's going to be relevant as the world turns.

​ The story of pickles, road maps, and the remote work and play industry

TIFCA is hosting a summit where support for remote work and play is the main dish on the menu.

Intel 2.0—start with integrated device manufacturing

Gelsinger makes the biggest change in Intel’s history.