Riding The Steadily Rising Enterprise IT Market

It is tough to get excited about mature markets that grow at a steady rate unless it happens to be the most profitable part of the market. And when it comes to the global IT market, the portion of it that is consumed by enterprises – meaning everything smaller than


Why AMD “Genoa” Epyc Server CPUs Take The Heavyweight Title

The server CPU racket is not an easy one. It would be tough to find a more difficult business, and it gets harder to compete each year as computing becomes more and more focused at the hyperscalers and cloud builders, who demand the best for the least money. Back in

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Riding CXL Memory Up In A Down Economy

The jittery economy hasn’t been kind to most semiconductor companies, even those like AMD and Nvidia that are growing in the datacenter. The pain has been mostly felt on the PC side of things, but a curtailing of spending on servers on the part of hyperscalers and enterprises have also


Clouded Thinking That Could Be Costing Us

Sponsored Post: It could be time to start examining our growing reliance on public cloud platforms. Let’s start by asking a few honest questions about the true value of the cloud model. About how much it is really costing us, what it delivers versus what it promises, and whether all


Dell Wants To Put HPC And Quantum Into More Hands

The need for high-powered computing isn’t going away. Enterprises trying to corral the massive amounts of data they’re generating and adopting emerging technologies like machine learning are demanding the sort of HPC capabilities that not too long ago were reserved for research and educational institutions. And the advances in the


HPC Follows The Enterprise Into The Cloud

It’s no secret that the hyperscalers and cloud builders are becoming the biggest drivers of the datacenter hardware portion of the IT market. Given how much scale they have and the utility pricing they offer, it’s no surprise that the cloud also is playing an increasingly prominent role in HPC.


Co-Location Plays A Big Role In Hybrid Cloud, Too

In the ongoing discussions about the still-evolving world of hybrid cloud, the focus tends to be on what enterprises are doing within their own on-premises datacenters – and private clouds – and their work with public cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Lost at times