Datacenter Props Up Nvidia As Gaming Sales Collapse

For the past four years, Nvidia’s datacenter business, which includes GPUs, networking, and servers, has been hot on the heels of its gaming GPU business. In the first quarter of fiscal 2023 ended in early May, the datacenter division edged out in front of gaming, and thanks to a collapse


Using AI Chips To Design Better AI Chips

Chip design is as much of an art as it is an engineering feat. With all of the possible layouts of logic and memory blocks and the wires linking them, there are a seemingly infinite placement combinations and often, believe it or not, the best people at chip floorplans are


E Pluribus, Network – Arista Networks, That Is

Software is not actually eating the world, but it is absolutely smashing out of appliance-style boxes and creating a massive, interconnected overlay atop aggregations of very shiny and powerful hardware. And that is why Arista Networks, one of the upstart switch and router makers that was founded on the idea


AMD Finally Reaps The Fortunes It Has Sown

Sometimes, competing for business means coming up with better products than your rivals. And other times, competing means just not screwing up while your competitor stumbles. For the heated battle between AMD and its archrival, Intel, when it comes to compute engines in the datacenter, AMD is in the fortunate


Money Keeps Raining Down From The AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services is not the largest IT supplier in the world, but it is well on its way to attaining that position as it has notched up another quarter of growth in what is a tough economic climate. AWS should surpass Lenovo this year and Dell before too long,


Intel Let The Chips Fall Where They Might

This day always comes. It is the nature of monopoly and hubris. It came for IBM. It came for Microsoft, and it is coming for Facebook. It will come for Google and, even though it is hard to believe, it will come for Amazon. And it is most assuredly coming


Atos Notches Up Another Win With “Pegaso” Supercomputer At Petrobras

Atos, for a long time a key IT services provider in Europe, stepped onto the HPC stage in a big way in 2014 when it bought systems maker Bull’s hardware business in $840 million, instantly making it a major supercomputer vendor on the continent. In more recent years, the company

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Cloud Builders Navigate A Sea Of Economic Uncertainty

In recent years, when the economy became unstable, enterprises tended to look to the cloud as a safe haven. It happed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the dramatic shift to remote work as organizations looked to slow the spread of the highly contagious virus by sending employees home. They accelerated


Nvidia Speeds Up Large Language Modeling

Natural language processing has been an easy fit for these relatively early days of artificial intelligence. Teaching computers how humans speak and write has broad applications, from customer service chatbots and voice-controlled assistants (think Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri) to the – at times frustrating – autocorrect capability on smartphones


Strong-Armed Into HPC, Like It Or Not

If you are an HPC center in Europe, and particularly one that is funded by public funds, you are thinking about Arm-based CPUs in your supercomputers. And that is despite Arm Holdings being a British company and all of the issues with the United Kingdom and its Brexit separation from


IBM Uses Power10 CPU As An I/O Switch

Back in early July, we covered the launch of IBM’s entry and midrange Power10 systems and mused about how Big Blue could use these systems to reinvigorate an HPC business rather than just satisfy the needs of the enterprise customers who run transaction processing systems and are looking to add


Making Progress With Infrastructure As Code

It has been almost two years since infrastructure software maker Progress Software spent $220 million to buy Chef, the open source automation tech vendor Chef that was helping to fuel the “infrastructure as code” trend. The deal enables Progress to push deeper into the DevOps and DevSecOps space with a


The Call For Reconsideration Of Cloud Strategies Has Arrived

Twelve months ago, Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with Dark Matter’s cloud anthropology unit to uncover the rapidly advancing culture and sub-cultures of cloud adoption. What initially started as a research programme in the public sector, to determine if the cloud-first policy was a viable mandate for transformation, quickly grew into


Making AI Accessible To One And All

The democratization of any effective technology happens automatically by virtue of its success, even if the complexity it presents initially overwhelms some of the smartest people who wield it. But after six decades of commercial computing in the datacenter, we have certainly learned a thing or two about helping this


TSMC: Life’s A Beach, And Then You Make Dies

How much is a pinch of sand worth? Well, that all depends on what you do with it. If you get someone to pull the silicon from the oxygen and make quasi-glassy plates from it, then you can etch transistors into circuits on that wafer, cut it up into discrete