Ethernet Doesn’t Defy The Recession, It Denies It

If there is a recession underway – and we are not convinced that there is even a little bit – then the Ethernet switch market did not get the memo. And the Ethernet router market has stopped checking its email just in case. Don’t get us wrong. The global economy


For HPE, The Cloud Is A Private And A Public Matter

Three years ago, Hewlett Packard Enterprise was the first major hardware and software infrastructure vendor to announce plans to make its entire portfolio available as a service, setting 2022 as the deadline for making that happen. Antonio Neri, chief executive officer at HPE, and other executives saw the move, which


Can Anyone Make Money From Modern Storage?

In the past three decades, there has been no shortage of companies with interesting ideas to solve very specific data storage and retrieval problems associated with high performance computing in some form or another. Many of them raised tons of money, and most of them got eaten by platform incumbents


Just How Bad Is CXL Memory Latency?

Conventional wisdom says that trying to attach system memory to the PCI-Express bus is a bad idea if you care at all about latency. The further the memory is from the CPU, the higher the latency gets, which is why memory DIMMs are usually crammed as close to the socket


Intel Chip Research Pushes Power Efficiency And Performance

Since Pat Gelsinger’s return to Intel as chief executive officer in early 2021, the company has bet big on bolstering its manufacturing processes and foundry business, expanded its fab footprint in the United States, and advocated for expanding the country’s chip making capabilities. Intel’s success – or failure – in


AWS Tunes Up Compute And Network For HPC

When it comes to hardware, there was not a lot of big news coming out of the Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2022 conference this week. And to be specific, there was not an announcement of a fourth-generation, honegrown Graviton4 processor that many had expected given that AWS, like other cloud

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Counting The Cost Of Training Large Language Models

It has been becoming increasingly clear – anecdotally at least – just how expensive it is to train large language models and recommender systems, which are arguably the two most important workloads driving AI into the enterprise. But thanks to a new system rental service to train GPT models available


Riding CXL Memory Up In A Down Economy

The jittery economy hasn’t been kind to most semiconductor companies, even those like AMD and Nvidia that are growing in the datacenter. The pain has been mostly felt on the PC side of things, but a curtailing of spending on servers on the part of hyperscalers and enterprises have also


Clouded Thinking That Could Be Costing Us

Sponsored Post: It could be time to start examining our growing reliance on public cloud platforms. Let’s start by asking a few honest questions about the true value of the cloud model. About how much it is really costing us, what it delivers versus what it promises, and whether all