The Steady Hand Guiding AMD’s “Prudently Expanding” Datacenter Business

The old AMD – the one before Lisa Su took over – was often brilliant with its instruction set architecture and CPU designs, but sometimes perplexingly careless with its design choices and chip roadmaps. And so it had a bit of a boom-bust cycle in its epic battles with archrival


Gelsinger Is Still Trying To Build The Next Intel

Intel chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger came into this week’s Intel Innovation 2022 conference less than two years into his plans to reshape the giant chip maker to fit into an IT world that is rapidly becoming more open, more cooperative, and more software-driven. During this keynote and ensuing meeting


Intel To Broaden FPGA Lineup And Make Them At Home

Back in 2015, when Intel was flush with cash thanks to a near-monopoly from X86 datacenter compute, it shelled out an incredible $16.7 billion to acquire FPGA maker Altera because a few hyperscalers and cloud builders were monkeying around with offloading whole chunks of CPU compute to FPGAs to create


Lenovo Plays The Long Game, Not The Wrong Game, In Systems

It has been nearly four decades since the Chinese Academy of Sciences handed Liu Chuanzhi and Danny Lui $25,000 to help found Legend, originally a maker of TV sets that, in the wake of the success of the IBM PC and the Apple II computer, decided maybe becoming a maker

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SPEC Gets Serious About Datacenter Energy Metrics

Performance per watt is garnering increasing attention these days with efficiency and sustainability less of a PR point of pride and far more of a TCO concern. The benchmarking pros that comprise the SPEC performance evaluation organization recognize this and have gathered several member companies, including AMD, Nvidia, Ampere, IBM,


Arm Is The New RISC/Unix, RISC-V Is The New Arm

When computer architectures change in the datacenter, the attack always comes from the bottom. And after more than a decade of sustained struggle, Arm Ltd and its platoons of licensees have finally stormed the glass house – well, more of a data warehouse (literally) than a cathedral with windows to