We are a boutique design and visualization studio. We craft stories and experiences. 


We Are Storytellers

StudioJDK is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy focused on visioning and visualization for architecture, interior design, urban design and environmental branding. We strive to imbue every project with a sense of meaning, wonder and feeling of place. Our unique combination of visualization and design services allow us to see the project from every angle and every perspective, ultimately leading to a more cohesive story. 

As Designers, we specialize in 'Big Idea Architecture', working tirelessly on the vision, ensuring that it conveys the authenticity and richness befit of the project. We draw from our depth of experience in placemaking, branding, graphic design and architecture to create memorable spaces for people.

As Visualizers, our hand-crafted, award winning images sell projects and ideas. Each image we create is touched by human hands, imparting the feeling of process, energy and passion. Our images run the range from concept drawings, to photo-real renderings to animation and walkthroughs.





We partner with some amazing companies to deliver innovative concepts in design and branding. We run the gamut, having crafted 'Big Idea Architecture' for companies like Cinnabon to personalities like Willie Nelson. Curious? We just may be the silver bullet you were looking for.





We create internationally recognized, award winning imagery that sell places and ideas. Our product has become synonymous with looser, emotional drawings and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Ready to share your project with the world? We can help with that. 


VR + Animation.


VR & Animation.

If your project requires visuals that go beyond the traditional still, we've got you covered. Our animation, walkthrough, full VR and 360 panoramic options put you in spaces like never before. We ever offer changeable material options for full customization. Web ready and mobile too? You bet.



A Conversation During AIA 2014

Chaos Group's Lon Grohs sat down with Jorge Barerro (Gensler), Alessandro Ronfini (BIG) and Jeremy Kay (StudioJDK) during AIA 2014 to talk shop. 

Quick concept sketching using SketchUp + Photoshop.

There is great power in an effective concept drawing.

The making of urban plaza

Most of my illustrations usually occur during the early phases of design. They are meant to be emotive...