SMS strategy certificate

SMS strategy certificate

The SMS strategy certificate will teach you how to create an effective SMS marketing strategy and covers tactics that range from beginner to advanced levels.

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About the SMS strategy certificate

SMS is a new channel for marketers. Understanding how to use it properly can yield increases in revenue and create great customer experiences. SMS is even more personal than email since you’re reaching consumers directly, in real-time. As a result, you need to balance providing value to customers and promoting your business. Course instructors and guest speakers will guide you through creating an SMS marketing strategy at all levels so you can own your destiny.

In this certificate, you'll learn:

  • SMS fundamentals and deliverability
  • Key SMS use cases
  • How to build the foundations of a solid SMS strategy
  • How to level up your skill set from beginner to advanced
  • How to evaluate your SMS performance to identify next steps

Take this certificate if:

  • You already employ SMS as a channel or will very soon
  • You are a marketing professional who wants to solidify your SMS expertise
  • You are looking to understand how to drive revenue from a new channel

This certificate will not cover how to set up SMS in your Klaviyo account. We recommend taking our Getting started with Klaviyo course for specifics on this process.

Certificate details:

  • 7 courses
  • 1.5 hours
  • 50 question exam