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Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

New TLDs | Top Level Domain Registry Services

The first ICANN New gTLD Application round is now closed - but another is expected - possibly in 2016.  The most current source of information about the new TLDs is ICANN’s micro-site  To find out the status of specific applications or domain names you can visit: where you can input your TLD idea and see immediately if anyone else has applied in this round.

Beyond that, a complete list of current TLDs is available at:

ICANN has not yet announced when the new application window will open.  However, it is not too early to begin planning for round II. 

As one of the leaders in TLD registry services, we’d be happy to help you with the application and technology needed for the next round.  Afilias is supporting over 300 applications in the current round, and is an expert at ICANN’s processes and policies.  We have plenty of capacity to help you consider your options for the next round, and would be eager to help you.

Investing in a new gTLD is a strategic decision. It takes time to identify, monitor and research how organizations and communities are deploying their new gTLDs.

In 2012, ICANN -- the non-profit organization that regulates the domain naming system for the Internet -- unleashed a new era of competition and innovation for new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). This meant that anyone with a vision, resources and a global registry services partner like Afilias could own and use the suffix to the right of the last dot in a website or email address, moving the world from “dot com” to “dot anything.”

If you are considering a new gTLD during the next application window, you’ve come to the best place on the Internet for information. Afilias is the world's most experienced provider of domain registry services for new TLDs. We can help you ask, and answer, the most important questions to help build the right team, create the best ICANN application, and succeed with launching and operating your new TLD when the application window again opens.


ICANN’s mission is to ensure the continued stability and security of the DNS (Domain Name System). That’s why they put such a sharp focus on the technical parts of the gTLD application. Practically half of the application is of a highly technical nature. ICANN expects each applicant to work with a knowledgeable, experienced provider.

How do you plan to mitigate the technological and operational risks -- and costs -- to maximize launching and managing your new TLD during the next application window? You and your team will have to develop criteria to help select the very best domain registry services partner. A suitable partner will be able to answer these highly technical questions so that you can focus on all of the other aspects necessary for a successful new TLD.

As the expert in new TLD registry services, our second-to-none reputation and record of performance are our best marketing tools. We believe that an educated new TLD prospect is our best customer. That’s why we invest in educational content like webinars, videos, blogs, conference presentations and e-books.

In this section of the Afilias website, you will find valuable information, insights and educational materials to help you understand the issues surrounding new TLDs and to be prepared when the next application window opens.

Once you’ve reviewed all the materials, let’s start a conversation about your New TLD. Contact the Afilias New TLD Team today.