Digital Construction Accessible from Anywhere™

Implementation Challenges? Too many systems?

Digital construction, whether Building Information Modeling or Workface Planning (WFP) is not easy to implement especially when a vast ecosystem of data and software applications is involved. Our methodology is based on a project's "progressive data needs" which is key to any successful implementation.

Budgets not met? Cost overruns throughout?

The reasons why so many projects do not meet budgets is due to the lack of crew efficiency, incorrect material and equipment planning, and low visibility due to poor reporting. Ironically even the most visual systems give little insight. Our agile cloud-based dashboard and reports will help you stay on any project's budget and time.

Department reports not matching?

In almost all construction projects, you will rarely find two departments telling you the same story. It is due to the silo-culture of our industry. We specialize in integrating BIM and WFP related data-sources onto one online solution while aligning planning with the field. And it's more than just reporting: we focus on reconciling the data too.



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BlackSmithSoft started in the field. We have several years of experience in implementing BIM and WFP. We understand your needs and concerns because we lived through them too. We know how critical keeping to schedule and budget is, and we understand delivering successful projects can be overwhelming.

We have worked with many owners, general contractors and EPCs. Each have had their own systems, and each system will work, connect and report in different ways. A typical project will easily include an EDMS, ERP, BIM CAD software or 3D Plant design, Constraint Management, QA handover, Planning and Progress Control. Our knowledge is not only in their use, but also how to integrate them.

It is a fact that there are no out-of-the-box solutions in our industry. This is why a large part of the investment of any solution will be on consulting services, customized reports and a few integrations with other systems. We have carefully selected technology platforms that are not only modern and highly connectable,  but also cost effective, scalable and easily accessible from desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.