Halifax Municipal Archives — Preserving Local History In a Digital World

The Halifax Municipal Archives—a historical research center for the region of Halifax, Canada—invites any Flickr members with a connection to the city to help identify some of the historical photos in their collection.

Flickr members recreate historical pictures from The Commons archives

Get inspired by these magnificent recreations of historic photographs from the Flickr Commons.

History in Photographs: Black Civil Rights Activists from the 19th and 20th Centuries

February is Black History Month—a time to reflect on Black history, culture, and heritage in the US. To celebrate, The Library of Congress has published an album of widely requested photos of Black activists.

Celebrating 11 years of The Commons

Today marks the 11th anniversary of The Commons – a project that Flickr began to provide cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums, and historical societies, with a space to share their digital collections with people around the world.