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Industrial Robotics: Palletizer & Pallet Handling Simulation

The industrial robotics project demonstrates the power of combining plugins with Zea Engine. In this example, you can animate a CAD model, rendered inside a LiDAR point cloud environment, using inverse kinematics.

HubSpot Video



  • CAD Visualization
  • Animate a robot using inverse kinematics
  • Edit keyframes
  • Undo and redo your changes
  • Show and hide items in the scene, e.g. the environment
  • View the project in VR using a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset


 Live Demo


View the live demo


Tips and Tricks

  • Try double clicking to focus on a particular spot
  • The space bar lets you start and stop the animation
  • You can step through keyframes with the < and > buttons in the bottom-right corner
  • Enable transform handles with the T key
  • Refresh the browser to reset the project
  • To disable the keyframes, so you can create your own animation, go to



GitHub Repo