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88 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
43670 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned UNCO --- alert() in a window.onblur handler confuses tab navigation Sat 16:48
56799 WebKit New Bugs aestes NEW --- getMIMETypeForPath() should return the empty string by default so that it's usable in more places. 15:11:47
243631 WebKit Tools / bfulgham NEW --- Import mixed-content WPT Sat 16:33
217899 WebKit CSS graouts NEW --- Remove the CSSIndividualTransformPropertiesEnabled flag 13:33:45
84543 WebKit CSS igor.oliveira NEW --- unicode-bidi:plaintext treats embedded element with unicode-bidi:plaintext or isolate incorrectly 13:34:50
243636 WebKit Text mmaxfield NEW --- Clean up ComplexTextController::collectComplexTextRuns() 22:56:41
236668 WebKit WebKit M ntim NEW --- Introduce postMessage mechanism for PDF.js viewer and use it for context menu items 00:14:10
243527 WebKit CSS ntim NEW --- contain-size-select-001.html and contain-size-select-002.html are failing 08:13:34
243387 WebKit WebRTC philn NEW --- [WebRTC] Refactor generic code of LibWebRTCProvider into new WebRTCProvider 08:29:16
243640 WebKit Platform philn NEW --- [GStreamer][MediaStream] Lift malloc restriction for stream collection posting 10:10:52
243635 WebKit DOM rniwa NEW --- Add SlotAssignmentMode to ShadowRootInit and ShadowRoot Sat 21:13
15696 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned NEW --- Safari and Firefox differ in event handling behavior when placing <div> elements inside <button> elements 15:15:17
16251 WebKit Layout a webkit-unassigned NEW --- : Images are not aligned properly because of float:none 10:19:44
21815 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- CSSNthSelector parsing code is illegible and buggy (allows "n3" as a valid selector) 10:25:05
22090 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- hixie test : Stacking order and overflow fails 05:01:46
69211 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- Empty URLs in CSS must resolve to an invalid resource 05:16:37
70969 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- auto width Sat 19:53
83395 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- white-space: nowrap breaks multi-column layout Sat 19:49
103430 WebKit DOM webkit-unassigned NEW --- Range.getClientRects() and Range.getBoundingClientRect() incorrectly include hidden overflown content 06:33:46
113415 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- margin-bottom ignored, causing simple page to render different than IE or Firefox Sat 18:36
115149 WebKit Layout a webkit-unassigned NEW --- Implement ruby-align 07:30:58
170708 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- getComputedStyle() can be incorrect when using CSS Custom Properties Sat 18:45
172136 WebKit Tools / webkit-unassigned NEW --- Links to WPT in layout test results should link to http URL Sat 17:03
173909 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- Incorrect behavior of "cursor: auto" over links 14:02:43
183993 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- border-image inline style should be serialized Sat 18:58
185942 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- :out-of-range pseudo class doesn't match if value reaches a certain amount of characters 14:03:39
189968 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- padding not adjusted until after transform complete 04:59:17
205733 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- Unitless zero should not always be allowed 05:52:42
209851 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- Default link colors lack sufficient contrast in the dark color scheme Sat 18:26
211617 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- CSS filter property does not work with inlined SVG 05:58:34
218692 WebKit DOM webkit-unassigned NEW --- Implement the imperative slotting API Sat 21:06
220386 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- `direction: rtl` on the root cannot be unset from JS Sat 19:35
232284 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- wpt/css/css-pseudo/highlight-cascade-004.html is failing on Safari and webkit 05:46:28
235885 WebKit WebRTC webkit-unassigned NEW --- [GStreamer] ⛱ for GstWebRTC backend 02:31:39
240183 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned NEW --- CSS overscroll-behavior-x: contain does not disable history navigation 01:10:30
243391 WebKit Images webkit-unassigned NEW --- Missing part of SVG (rendering issue) 15:06:16
243638 WebKit Platform webkit-unassigned NEW --- [GStreamer][MediaStream] Video resizing fixes 02:31:39
243639 WebKit WebKitGT webkit-unassigned NEW --- [GTK] WebkitWebProcess keeps running after closed and consuming much memory 08:17:16
190206 WebKit CSS don.olmstead ASSI --- [CSSTypedOM] Add StylePropertyMap IDL and stubs 14:09:42
236061 WebKit Composit Hironori.Fujii REOP --- The background of the main frame's transparent custom scrollbar should be filled with the view background color if !HAVE(RUBBER_BANDING) 12:55:41
240439 WebKit New Bugs Hironori.Fujii REOP --- [WinCairo] Unreviewed test gardening 15:10:58
208120 WebKit New Bugs philn REOP --- [GTK] fast/mediastream/media-element-current-time.html is failing since added in r256346 01:59:53
53586 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Rounding errors in converting cm to px Sat 19:08
87433 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO CONF WebProcess crashes have poor recovery characteristics Sat 16:18
119965 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO INVA REGRESSION (r153570-r153759): Reading List no longer shows site's favicons Sat 16:20
115371 WebKit New Bugs andersca RESO FIXE Remove the last StorageSyncManager function 08:59:26
24950 WebKit CSS cmarrin RESO WONT Need a way to limit CSS animation framerate (or CPU usage) 06:05:21
243641 WebKit New Bugs commit-queue RESO FIXE REGRESSION(253142@main): It regressed GTK overlay scrollbars 12:56:28
119815 WebKit CSS dino RESO CONF CSS Animations doesn't match the spec when parsing the animation-name. 05:18:56
243530 WebKit Text mmaxfield RESO FIXE [Complex text codepath] Use ICU to determine grapheme cluster boundaries Sat 21:52
243637 WebKit PDF ntim RESO FIXE Fix some PDF.js toolbar issues 08:52:43
137568 WebKit CSS rniwa RESO FIXE @supports should not work if "not", "or", or "and" isn't follow by a space 15:53:18
243626 WebKit Tools / rniwa RESO FIXE [iPad] fast/dom/HTMLLinkElement/link-stylesheet-load-once.html is flaky 12:03:54
17090 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF @font-face needs many more tests Sat 19:30
17686 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF CSS3 Selector Test: negation pseudo-class should only accept simple selectors 13:36:44
18144 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO WONT Acid3 test 80 fails with "kungFuDeathGrip was null" message (for some people, not everyone) Sat 16:22
19626 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO INVA Hidden text appearing over the google logo because of incorrect value of letter-spacing Sat 16:41
19630 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO CONF GAIA Bar is not moving down to below one google bar on resizing the window Sat 16:33
19633 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO CONF The text in SPAN block is not displaying correctly on Safari. It must display like heading. Sat 16:28
19770 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Background-position declaration involves requirements when at least one value is not a keyword Sat 19:28
19996 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Layout issue because of display:table-cell of <a> tags Sat 16:37
38424 WebKit Frames webkit-unassigned RESO WONT add support for text/html-sandboxed on sandboxed iframes 09:13:31
45950 WebKit Frames webkit-unassigned RESO WONT Implement HTML5's seamless attribute for iframes 10:15:10
55064 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO CONF When setting innerHTML, inputs should not end up with magic form associations 15:08:39
60526 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO WONT Increase set of values tested for CSS font weight property. 14:56:07
66975 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO FIXE Rollout r93799: Caused bad clipping on the bottom of tall glyphs inside a button label Sat 18:34
69888 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF a span with visibility:hidden in an anchor makes it unclickable Sat 18:39
73327 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF :hover on pseudo elements in inline-elements Sat 18:08
74240 WebKit New Bugs webkit-unassigned RESO WONT enable quicktime7 14:57:55
76865 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Filter effects on div box make text disappear Sat 18:26
84151 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF '(orientation)' media query incorrectly returns false Sat 18:22
91290 WebKit Layout a webkit-unassigned RESO WONT Support an event propagation across seamless iframes. 10:15:38
112520 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF css text-rendring property breaking utf-8 special chars and switching font-face Sat 19:58
122853 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Drop CSS cursor quirk for missing fallback cursor Sat 21:00
139407 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF The CSS border-image property should not affect the layout or the size of the object 05:42:42
193656 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF [css-grid] abspos inside grid can have negative sizes 05:05:03
200692 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF vertical-align calc computes as empty string Sat 19:12
203073 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF Inline stylesheet with a non-standard media attribute value is not parsed Sat 18:18
216003 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO DUPL Disjunction token `or` should not immediately precede its following opening paren. 11:31:33
237059 WebKit PDF webkit-unassigned RESO FIXE Add initial PDF.js scrolling context menu items 01:54:13
241549 WebKit WPE WebK webkit-unassigned RESO FIXE [GStreamer][MediaStream] Capture pipeline remains active after track was stopped 09:27:13
243634 WebKit DOM webkit-unassigned RESO FIXE Add a runtime flag for imperative slot API Sat 21:04
243619 WebKit Layout a zalan RESO FIXE [Painting] Cleanup underlineOffsetForTextBoxPainting 08:01:16
243621 WebKit Layout a zalan RESO FIXE [Painting] Do not call textRunOffsetFromBottomMost() unless the resolved underline position value is TextUnderlinePosition::Under Sat 16:32
243632 WebKit Layout a zalan RESO FIXE [Painting] Remove redundant TextDecorationPainter c'tor parameters 07:07:17
131415 WebKit Tools / webkit-unassigned RESO WONT Improve support for SVN statuses in 10:20:51
241954 WebKit WebCore webkit-unassigned RESO DUPL [GTK] Segfault in firstChild when clicking on a pull request on GitHub while logged in 03:44:36
14558 WebKit CSS webkit-unassigned RESO CONF CSS3 content property doesn't work with text or attr() values 05:39:40
88 bugs found.


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