Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
AdobeTracked Marking bugs that Adobe contributors are actively working on for internal book-keeping. Search 303
BlinkMergeCandidate Consider merging a Blink patch for bugs tagged with this keyword. Search 878
BrowserCompat Affects cross-browser compatibility Search 177
Cairo Bugs related to the use of the Cairo library within WebCore Search 95
Curl Bugs related to the use of the curl library within WebCore Search 55
DoNotImportToRadar This bug does not need imported to Apple's Radar bug tracker, even if it has the bug importer CCed. Search 508
EasyFix This bug has been identified as a bug that should be easy to fix Search 326
ES5 ECMAScript 5 features and compliance issues. Search 19
FacebookBug Affects facebook products Search 2
FromImplementor The bug report comes from another browser implementor e.g. Edge, Gecko or Blink. Search 83
GoodFirstBug A good bug to start with if you are new to the project. Search 49
GoogleBug Keyword to allow tracking of bugs which concern Google products. Search 372
Gtk Bugs related to the Gtk port of WebKit Search 3415
HasReduction This bug has a reduced failing test case attached. Search 2175
HTML5 HTML 5 features and compliance issues. Search 180
InRadar This bug also has a copy in Apple's Radar bug tracker. Search 83087
LayoutTestFailure Bugs which are causing layout test failures Search 2065
MakingBotsRed Bugs that are currently causing the bots to be red (even intermittently). Once the bug is no longer making bots red (even if the underlying bug hasn't been fixed yet), this keyword should be removed. Search 434
NeedsReduction This bug needs a reduced test case. Search 948
NRWT new-run-webkit-test related bugs Search 160
Performance This bug relates to a performance issue. Search 419
PerfRegression A performance regression from a previous build. Search 18
PlatformOnly This bug occurs only on the platform it has been reported on. Search 1567
Qt Bugs related to the Qt port of WebKit Search 4330
QtTriaged Indicates that the Qt bug was triaged according to the Bug Reporting Guidelines, and passed Search 2483
Regression This bug is a regression from a previous version of WebKit. Search 3969
Soup Bugs related to the use of the Soup network library in WebCore Search 135
SVGHitList Worst SVG Bugs. Any of these could block SVG from ever being included in an official WebKit release. Search 58
TechnicalDebt Indicate that the bug is related to reducing technical debt. Search 2
ToolsHitList Bugs that are in the Tools hitlist Search 74
W3CTest Bug uncovered while running a W3C spec test suite Search 29
WebExposed Changes which add, modify or remove behavior of features exposed as part of the web platform. Search 1183
WPTImpact This bug impacts WPT tests, harming WebKit's test score. Search 116
Wx Bugs related to the wx port of WebKit. Search 48
XSSAuditor Tasks related to the XSS Auditor. Search 70
YahooBug This bug affects Yahoo products. Search 20