Twitter video resources

Twitter video resources

Ready to launch your Twitter Ads campaign?

Ready to launch your Twitter Ads campaign?

Make your message more memorable by adding video to your Twitter Ads strategy.


of internet users will view a digital video in 2022.1


increase in daily video views on Twitter over 18 months2


Year-over-year increase in watch time on Twitter3

Twitter video best practices

Videos optimized for Twitter drive an increase of 33% in emotional engagement.4

Introduce yourself

Keep your video between 6-15 seconds long and show your products and people maximize engagement.

Accessible storytelling

Reach the biggest audience by adding captions for mobile, and showing your logo in a permanent place in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the frame.

Tweet anatomy

The best video Tweets follow this formula.

Tweet copy

What do you want consumers to think?

Creative asset

How do you want them to feel?

Video inspiration

Ad creative is the top factor in driving sales - 47% of sales performance can be attributed to creative alone.5

Twitter video examples
Get inspired by some of the best in the business.

Beauty subscription company @GlossyboxUK shows the human side of their brand in this short 8sec video. 

Children's art supply company @Crayola teaches followers a fun summer craft for kids in this 60sec video.

Backpack and accessory brand @Herschelsupply shares the craftsmanship behind their brand in this 15sec video.

Ready to launch your Twitter Ads campaign?
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