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Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break things by developing on production. This room is for Charcoal, a volunteer organization focused on detecting and eliminating spam and rude/abusive posts on all SE sites. 230k true positives and counting. For more information, see Handy links:;
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Jun 11 2:34 AM
yst 3:05 AM
@Joundill If you have SD privileges, you can reply to the bot with fp for false positive. But SD finds things that are spam and/or R/A. It isn't for finding things that need to be closed. See also Introduction to Participating for more info
Nov 18 4:29 PM
The people (and bot) of this room are awesome! :)
Nov 20 8:24 AM
I have noticed that this room is already nine years old. So happy anniversary! And thanks for all your work around Charcoal and SmokeDetector!
Nov 22 3:38 AM
@Arthur'sPass Thanks for reporting that.
Nov 1 10:44 AM
SD is partially working. You can watch for SD reports in Charcoal Test SO
Nov 1 8:38 AM
(you know a bug is serious when "Smoke Detector has been taken out" is just one of several bullets)
Oct 26 5:59 AM
MS Change: The search and flagging links are back in the topbar, rather than an icon bar in the top-left of the page. The topbar should be responsive for window/screen/viewport widths which are larger than when the hamburger menu is used. [The hamburger menu is used for viewport widths < 768 pixels.] The navigation buttons shouldn't wrap to cause the topbar to expand vertically, but some of the buttons, reviews and username, will wrap to two lines within the topbar space.
Nov 1 5:46 AM
The SE API is having problems. I've reported it on MSE.
Nov 18 8:10 PM
Yeah. I've custom-flagged and other, various. Don't know how long the mods are away now. It bothers me that abusive language can just sit there if a mod is busy. Not ideal. @JeffSchaller
Nov 2 12:59 AM
@cocomac Please give the feedback which you feel is appropriate for the post without regard to if the post has been autoflagged, or not.
Nov 1 6:23 AM
There's also a problem with logging into Chat, so my SD instance is down until logging into chat works.
Oct 26 5:45 AM
@Ethan The individual post flag log pages will now show more relevant information about the flags, including indicating if the flags were raised automatically or manually, and the timestamp for the flag instead of the post.
Oct 19 2:20 PM
@JeffSchaller Oi! Congrats on the second diamond!
Oct 12 2:49 PM
hmmm let me stab something
Oct 28 7:07 PM
Oh, and if you have any questions about something, feel free to ask them
Oct 13 12:35 AM
Quick, post more spam.
Aug 16 3:39 PM
A bit late, but congratulations are once again in order for @Glorfindel for being elected as a moderator on Lifehacks.SE. That's his eighth diamond.
Nov 11 5:36 AM
^ This is not intended to be permanent, it's just meant to catch posts like the recently reported ones (and the one yesterday), as there's no other detection for it. About 425 hits on SE. If I don't remove it in the next couple of days, ping me about it, or remove it yourself if you can.
Sep 2 7:17 AM
Congrats to @RobertLongson for his freshly mined diamond on Veganism & Vegetarianism!
Oct 10 2:17 PM
FWIW I created a PR in SOCVR's FAQ to hopefully encourage more of their regulars to engage with us…
Jul 29 3:40 PM
NARRATOR: The wild bot is confused by the down time. See it walk around the web server in circles, throwing errors softly as it uselessly nuzzles the dead web socket
Sep 15 6:00 PM
"This isn't the type of high-quality spam that we expect on this site. Please edit your post and try again."
Sep 7 5:02 AM
it's time we backlist the /voipphone domains as they come in, this is clearly a coordinated campaign
Sep 20 10:14 PM
@SmokeDetector "Truly the only way to ensure one knows how to knit well is to contact the Best Deck Repairman in Salt Lake City, Utah. I contacted him and soon enough I was knitting quilts en masse, on my recently-fixed deck no less!"
Sep 3 7:01 AM
Congrats on winning a mod election, @RobertLongson! It's been a long time due. I'm glad to have you aboard the network mod team. Do feel free to reach out any time you have a question or need some help or anything like that.
Aug 30 6:16 AM
Sep 15 6:09 PM
I guess the thinking is that if we ban everyone who reviews suggested edits, then there won't be anyone reviewing them, so the queue won't be cleared out, and there won't be anyone suggesting them, and all of our problems go away. Otherwise, I cannot figure out the logic.
Oct 6 5:05 AM
Hello! I've finished an alpha version for an updated MS dark mode (as a userscript). Note that a decent amount is unfinished, especially with the text on the charts, and contrast ratios still aren't all full right, and I've also re-arranged part of the UI. If you'd like to test it, you can install it here.
Sep 12 3:53 PM
@SmokeDetector Ladies and gentlemen, Cam has left the building
Oct 17 3:51 PM
@JeffSchaller I confirmed that it's something I did, which I really should have known not to. I'm unsure what I was thinking at the time. In the meantime, you can open the browser console on a post report page and run $('.new-comment-link').addClass('new-comment');
Jul 29 2:57 PM
You know, on the plus side, downtime is a great anti-spam measure.
Oct 14 8:14 PM
@JamesRisner not sure if it's specifically DDoS-related, but we've certainly been seeing site lag recently
Oct 13 8:48 AM
@RyanM Yeah, there are several things which can be done to make things better, both in general and in transitioning from one SD instance to another. Each one costs time and effort to create, which are chronically in short supply. Probably the largest recent one which was implemented was to keep track of previously scanned posts and not re-scan them if they haven't changed. Since July, that has prevented 211M post re-scans.
Aug 12 3:25 PM
@SmokeDetector And that's how spammers get reputation, by other people modifying their answer. Now it's accepted.
May 13 9:28 PM
Users with less than 10 reputation no longer have an editing grace period.
Jun 16 9:28 PM
Thanks for all the work you do with SD, Makyen. It's not often relayed that it's appreciated, but it is indeed appreciated. <3
Aug 28 1:58 AM
@kevin-brown I notice you've just given tp feedback on several reports that look like fp to me. e.g. why is this report tp?
Aug 25 8:33 PM
@SmokeDetector Have you tried Modify Memory?
May 27 4:21 PM
@Undo Less arm twisting, more Makyen making a block of text that Catija interpreted as "NEED MOAR QUOTA" and then asked if that was OK.
Oct 26 8:46 AM
@RyanM No, it doesn't listen for commands in this room. It does listen for commands over here.
Apr 27 11:26 AM
Sep 15 6:01 PM
This spam needs salt and pepper. Er, details and clarity, I mean.
Aug 15 12:21 AM
Hopefully the new positions don't throw off anyone's workflow :)
Oct 1 9:11 PM
@JamesRisner We get a list of all pending flags in the dashboard, grouped by post (question or answer); multiple comment flags are in the same entry as post flags on that post. When we're on a question page, there's a popup at the bottom that shows all the flags raised on the page (on the question, on answers, and on comments). There's no need to artificially limit the number of flags you're raising. (If any flagging behaviour can DoS the mod UI, that's a bug I'd like to be aware of.)
Jun 29 7:47 PM
TIL "Wtf" is a synonym for "why"
Aug 9 2:28 AM
@Makyen "Journal entry, stardate 2022.08.08. Used the orbital nukes. Had fun with them today. End entry."
Sep 10 5:40 AM
@SmokeDetector who the heck upvotes this crap?!
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