Using Apptainer to Run DALL·E mini

Image-generating AI models are currently taking the internet by storm, with some of the most popular and well-known of these being part of the DALL·E series of models created by OpenAI. The most advanced of these, DALL·E 2, can generate extremely realistic (or surrealistic) images from simple prompts written in natural language – including, for example, art in the style of many famous artists.

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Webinar: Fuzzball (HPC 2.0): Demos & Updates

In this webinar, we will discuss Fuzzball updates and demonstrate what’s new.

Demos will include:

OpenFOAM Demo – Running CFD simulation with a motor bike model

Workflow takes motor bike geometry and creates a mesh using OpenFOAM’s snappyHexMesh mesher

Simulation is run with OpenFOAM solver simpleFoam

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