I am using a web viewer (Itowns) to display 3d data.
I have data in .dae format (FBX to DAE conversion).
I would like to know if it was possible to add attribute information (name, location, height, etc.) in my COLLADA file.
thank you

There’s an <asset> section for metadata (Edited: and <extra> sections I think) and you can extend XML (Extensible Markup Language) if you have to depending on your needs. If you convert the files there’s no way to know for sure if this kind of information will survive a transformation.

ok I see thank you.
but for the conversion I don’t really have a choice because I start from a BIM model (developed on REVIT)
I get a .dae file of this form after converting.

You just have to fill it out by hand if your conversion software doesn’t preserve authoring metadata. A lot of people post in this forum when they really should be posting in the forum particular to the software they’re using. This isn’t really a user oriented forum, it’s for developers who have questions about the COLLADA industrial standard. (There just aren’t many people here to answer questions about software even if it were possible to.)

ah ok I see,
i will test it
thank you so much

You’re welcome. Maybe some software can help you edit authorship information into DAE files if you’re uncomfortable editing the XML in a text editor. Of course you have to find a resource that explains what goes in the <asset> element or it will cause problems if you just stick anything in it.

yes I will try to see with our pole data
thank you