Khronos has announced the ratification and public release of the SYCL 2020 final specification—the open standard for single source C++ parallel programming. A major milestone encompassing years of specification development, SYCL 2020 builds on the functionality of SYCL 1.2.1 to provide improved programmability, smaller code size and increased performance. Based on C++17, SYCL 2020 enables easier acceleration of standard C++ applications and drives a closer alignment with the ISO C++ roadmap. For more details, read the press release.

In section 3.2 just about every line number is wrong. Not helpful for tutorial purposes. Since I’m guessing you’re using pdflatex, is there a way to make these automatically correct references to the example source?

Given previous Khronos specifications, and the general look of everything, that looks rather like Asciidoctor.

Ouch! Yes, it looks like there have been some changes in the source which were not propagated in the description. :frowning:
This will be fixed in revision 3 of the specification. Thanks for reporting!
The sources of the specification should be open-sourced soon, to enable public collaborative editing.
As you noticed, to follow the Khronos specifications, we downgraded our specification from LaTeX to AsciiDoctor which is quite less capable on the PDF side, Thus a lot of things are now manual. :frowning:

This should be fixed by (private)
Sorry about that.

This is now public since the SYCL 2020 rev3 has been published and its sources have been open-sourced.

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