Build lasting relationships

Customer Service on Messenger

Build lasting customer relationships through conversation on the channel your customers prefer[1]. No more waiting on hold or repeating support issues to multiple agents — the conversation stays in Messenger and is easily accessible for handover and re-engagement.

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Powerful Automation

Leverage structured flows and natural language processing to provide immediate answers to your customers’ most common questions — helping increase satisfaction and containment rates

Live Agent Support

Offer live agent support in a convenient channel that many customers use every day

Seamless Transitions

Leverage Messenger’s handover protocol to seamlessly transition between automated messaging and live agent support

Increasing customer service productivity with Messenger


Reduction in handling time for customer care agents


the amount of interactions agents can handle simultaneously vs. phone


Anticipated cost reduction in customer care channels at scale

To improve customer service response times and agent productivity, Volaris tested the Facebook Chat Plugin on their website with 50% of visitors. Because the Chat Plugin connected directly with Volaris’s customer service software (Conversocial), live agents were able to manage five interactions simultaneously in Messenger versus only one over the phone. After 6 months, the Mexican airline saw a 29% reduction in handling time. As a result of the successful test, Volaris has implemented the solution to 100% of web visitors, with an anticipated cost reduction of 83% in customer service channels.

Customer Care Playbook

When it comes to running a business, customer care is important. And good customer support starts with good communication.

We’ve developed a playbook to help you build a valuable experience on Messenger. Get insights on everything from starting Messenger as a support channel to learning how to incorporate it as a part of your omni-channel strategy.

Get the playbook
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1. Source: Facebook Messaging Survey” by Nielsen (Facebook-commissioned study of 12,500 people ages 18+ who used a mobile messaging app in the past 30 days in AE, AU, BR, FR, ID, IN, JP, KR, MX, TH, TW, UK, US and VN), Mar 2016

How Messenger connects with your customers


Respond to product inquiries from story replies, comments and messages from posts on Instagram.

Chat Plugin

The Facebook Chat Plugin makes it easy for people to start conversations with your business while browsing your website.

Facebook Page

Make it easy for people to reach out by adding a "Send Message" call-to-action to your Page or Page posts.

Ads that click to Messenger

Start conversations at scale with ads that click to Messenger. Links

Start conversations from hyperlinks that you can add to emails, messages, social media posts, and more.

QR Codes

QR codes make it easy to start conversations in Messenger from offline locations such as in-store signage, product packaging, direct mail, and more.

Additional Use Cases

Learn more about starting conversations in Messenger.


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Lead Generation

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Messenger Success Stories

Learn how brands and business around the world leverage Messenger to build customer relationships.

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Messenger Solutions

These are the building blocks of your Messenger experience. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive sales, or provide customer service, we have the solutions you need.

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