Snapshots are on-demand disk images of DigitalOcean Droplets and volumes saved to your account. Use them to create new Droplets and volumes with the same contents.

Plans and Pricing

Snapshots are charged at $0.05 GB per month for Droplets and $0.05 GiB per month for volumes. There is a minimum charge of $0.01, which may apply for very small snapshots or snapshots that exist only for a short time.

Pricing is based on the size of the snapshot. There is no additional charge for making a snapshot available in multiple regions.

Snapshot billing is separate for billing from Droplets and volumes.

Regional Availability

Snapshots are available for all Droplets and block storage volumes across all regions.


Snapshots provide a full copy of a DigitalOcean Droplet or volume. Creating a snapshot saves everything from the Droplet or volume’s disk to a disk image saved in your DigitalOcean account. They’re an easy way to archive a Droplet or volume at a point in time. We also back up snapshots offsite for additional resiliency.

You can use snapshots to create new Droplets or volumes with the same contents of the snapshot. You can back up the contents of a block storage volume, restore a Droplet to the point in time when a snapshot was taken, or migrate a Droplet to a different region.

Snapshots are retained indefinitely until manually deleted. Snapshots are independent of the Droplets used to create them. When you destroy a Droplet, snapshots from that Droplet remain accessible on the Images page in the Snapshots tab.


  • Creating a snapshot of a Droplet does not capture block storage volumes attached to the Droplet. You can create snapshots of block storage volumes separately.
  • Snapshots of block storage volumes cannot be moved between regions or transferred to different DigitalOcean accounts.
  • You can store up to 25 snapshots of a given volume. Delete old snapshots to make room for new ones.
  • Snapshots are not incremental. Each snapshot is a full disk image.
  • For each volume, you can create up to one snapshot every 10 minutes.

Latest Updates

30 November 2021

  • To improve collaboration on our platform, a percentage of new signups on DigitalOcean will begin with a team account.

19 August 2019

  • You can now create a maximum of one snapshot of a volume every 10 minutes. See the snapshots overview for more details.

23 October 2018

  • Droplets created from custom images now support snapshots and backups.

For more information, see all Snapshots release notes.