How to Integrate with a DigitalOcean Container Registry

DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that lets you deploy Kubernetes clusters without the complexities of handling the control plane and containerized infrastructure. Clusters are compatible with standard Kubernetes toolchains and integrate natively with DigitalOcean Load Balancers and volumes.

On DigitalOcean, you can integrate your Kubernetes cluster with a container registry via the control panel. This process requires you to have an existing container registry. If you don’t have an existing registry, first create one.

To integrate a cluster, go to the control panel and click the Kubernetes cluster you want to integrate. Then, click the Settings tab, scroll down to the DigitalOcean Container Registry Integration section, and click Edit to the right.

Check your container registry and click Save to confirm your change.

Settings tab in the control panel, the DigitalOcean Container Registry Integration section

For instructions on integrating a Kubernetes cluster and container registry via generated secrets or kubectl, see our guide.