The DigitalOcean Marketplace is the home for Droplet 1-Click Apps, Kubernetes 1-Click Apps, and SaaS Add-Ons.

  • 1-Click Apps are pre-built Droplet images and Kubernetes apps with software, features, and configuration details already set up for you.

    1-Click applications automate common setup steps like package installation, firewall rules, load balancer provisioning and software configuration. Instead of dealing with manual server administration, you can focus on your application.

  • Add-Ons are software as a service (SaaS) offerings from third-party vendors.

    Add-Ons let you use third-party SaaS solutions without handling infrastructure, software, or manual maintenance. Add-Ons have initial free plans with pricing for heavier usage.

For Users

You can explore the available 1-Click Apps and Add-Ons in the Marketplace portal, as well as detailed documentation for each 1-Click application, including package versions, initial setup, and API creation instructions.

Launch services, tools, and components without manual configuration using Marketplace’s Droplet 1-Click preconfigured VMs, Kubernetes 1-Click helm deployments, and Add-Ons (SaaS).

To create a Droplet from a 1-Click App, click the Create Droplet button on any Marketplace 1-Click App page. Similarly, to create a Kubernetes cluster from a 1-Click App, click the Launch App button on any Marketplace 1-Click App page, then choose whether to install the app on a new or existing cluster.

For Vendors

If you’d like to bring your app, tool, or service to our community, learn more about becoming a Vendor. Once you create your listing, developers and teams can discover your product in our catalog and quickly deploy it from our Cloud Control Panel and API.

Build traction for your open source project or software company by listing your 1-Click Application or SaaS Add-On in the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

Latest Updates

25 April 2022

15 May 2020

  • Users can now search for Marketplace apps directly from the Droplet Create page.

16 March 2020

For more information, see the full release notes.