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Below is a list of the donation "support pages" hosted here on donatewiki. Red links are pages that don't exist yet, but we don't necessarily need to create them all. Note that we have a limited set of supported languages now. Adding any new languages should be discussed to see if we can actually support and maintain them (the old foundationwiki pages had more languages but lots of very outdated pages).

Most pages use the base templates {{Support Page}} and {{Support Page end}} for their main styling and layout. They also load the javascript at MediaWiki:SupportPage.js (via a hook in MediaWiki:Common.js).

One other useful template used is {{LocalPage}} which will check if a page exists in a given language, and if not fall back to English. That way you can add links to support pages that might be translated at a later date.

If you have an account here and are logged in, there will be links at the very bottom of each page to edit the current page, edit its template, or view this index. If you spot any issues you can't fix yourself, please file a Phabricator task tagged with

See also the general donatewiki documentation on collab (private)

Thank You pages

As of August 2020 the Thank You pages have moved to See that link for documentation.


English page Ways to Give Problems donating Cancel or change recurring giving Matching Gifts FAQ Tax deductibility
Template Template:Ways to Give no template Template:Cancel or change recurring giving no template no template no template
Meta translation page m:Fundraising/Translation/Ways to Give new m:Fundraising/Translation/Problems donating m:Fundraising/Translation/Cancel or change recurring giving none ?
Afrikaans Ways to Give/af Problems donating/af Cancel or change recurring giving/af Matching Gifts/af FAQ/af Tax deductibility/af
català Ways to Give/ca Problems donating/ca Cancel or change recurring giving/ca Matching Gifts/ca FAQ/ca Tax deductibility/ca
dansk Ways to Give/da Problems donating/da Cancel or change recurring giving/da Matching Gifts/da FAQ/da Tax deductibility/da
Deutsch Ways to Give/de Problems donating/de Cancel or change recurring giving/de Matching Gifts/de FAQ/de Tax deductibility/de
español Ways to Give/es Problems donating/es Cancel or change recurring giving/es Matching Gifts/es FAQ/es Tax deductibility/es
es-419 Use same as es
français Ways to Give/fr Problems donating/fr Cancel or change recurring giving/fr Matching Gifts/fr FAQ/fr Tax deductibility/fr
עברית Ways to Give/he Problems donating/he Cancel or change recurring giving/he Matching Gifts/he FAQ/he Tax deductibility/he
magyar Ways to Give/hu Problems donating/hu Cancel or change recurring giving/hu Matching Gifts/hu FAQ/hu Tax deductibility/hu
italiano Ways to Give/it Problems donating/it Cancel or change recurring giving/it Matching Gifts/it FAQ/it Tax deductibility/it
日本語 Ways to Give/ja Problems donating/ja Cancel or change recurring giving/ja Matching Gifts/ja FAQ/ja Tax deductibility/ja
latviešu Ways to Give/lv Problems donating/lv Cancel or change recurring giving/lv Matching Gifts/lv FAQ/lv Tax deductibility/lv
norsk bokmål Ways to Give/nb Problems donating/nb Cancel or change recurring giving/nb Matching Gifts/nb FAQ/nb Tax deductibility/nb
Nederlands Ways to Give/nl Problems donating/nl Cancel or change recurring giving/nl Matching Gifts/nl FAQ/nl Tax deductibility/nl
polski Ways to Give/pl Problems donating/pl Cancel or change recurring giving/pl Matching Gifts/pl FAQ/pl Tax deductibility/pl
português Ways to Give/pt Problems donating/pt Cancel or change recurring giving/pt Matching Gifts/pt FAQ/pt Tax deductibility/pt
português do Brasil Ways to Give/pt-br Problems donating/pt-br Cancel or change recurring giving/pt-br Matching Gifts/pt-br FAQ/pt-br Tax deductibility/pt-br
română Ways to Give/ro Problems donating/ro Cancel or change recurring giving/ro Matching Gifts/ro FAQ/ro Tax deductibility/ro
русский Ways to Give/ru Problems donating/ru Cancel or change recurring giving/ru Matching Gifts/ru FAQ/ru Tax deductibility/ru
slovenčina Ways to Give/sk Problems donating/sk Cancel or change recurring giving/sk Matching Gifts/sk FAQ/sk Tax deductibility/sk
svenska Ways to Give/sv Problems donating/sv Cancel or change recurring giving/sv Matching Gifts/sv FAQ/sv Tax deductibility/sv
українська Ways to Give/uk Problems donating/uk Cancel or change recurring giving/uk Matching Gifts/uk FAQ/uk Tax deductibility/uk
中文(简体) Ways to Give/zh-hans Problems donating/zh-hans Cancel or change recurring giving/zh-hans Matching Gifts/zh-hans FAQ/zh-hans Tax deductibility/zh-hans